One of the most frequently asked questions in our showroom is ‘How high should I mount my fireplace? or ‘How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?’ As with many things, the answer is ‘It depends.’ One thing that must always be kept in mind, however, is that fireplaces look best when you look down at them; you shouldn’t be looking up at the flames. Here are our tips for the proper height for your fireplace, in various scenarios.

How high off the floor should I mount a linear fireplace?

Napoleon Entice NEFL72CFH
Napoleon Entice 72-inch linear fireplace in a dining room

Linear fireplaces are our best-selling style of fireplaces. These are the units that are much wider than they are tall, with an extremely long, lean profile. These fireplaces look best up off the floor by at least 12 inches. How much higher you go depends on several factors. If you will be seated when viewing the fireplace, then you would want it low enough to allow you to look down at the flames from a seated position, but not so low that it gets lost behind a footstool or coffee table. Generally, this will put the bottom of a linear fireplace 12 to 30 inches off the floor. However, if the fireplace is going to be next to a dining area, we suggest that the bottom of the fireplace be 36 inches off the floor, so that the chair backs don’t hide the flames.



How high off the floor should I mount a traditional fireplace?

Dimplex RBF30 with doors
Dimplex RBF30 traditional fireplace mounted off the floor

A traditional fireplace is one that is closer to a square shape, and looks like a wood-burning fireplace. These units are often placed at floor level, but they don’t have to be that low. Raising these fireplace 6 to 12 inches off the floor is perfectly acceptable. In bedrooms, we suggest that you raise them even higher, so that the flames are visible from the bed. This might mean that the fireplace is 24 to 36 inches off the floor. We have also seen some historic kitchens with the original fireplace opening placed 36 to 42 inches off the floor, and in that context, it looks great. There really are no ‘rules’, as long as you remember that the best view of the flames is looking down into them.


How high off the floor should I mount my fireplace if the ceilings are low?

This question comes up in basements, and attic rooms. All of the above guidelines still apply, with a few cautions. Try not to cut the wall in half with the fireplace. It should be in the bottom third of the wall height, but definitely below the halfway point. You also need to think about what might be placed above the fireplace, and make sure there is enough space left between the fireplace and the ceiling, after you mount the fireplace.

How high off the floor should I mount my fireplace below a TV?

Dimplex BLF7451 electric fireplace
Dimplex BLF7451 linear fireplace below a TV

If you are mounting a TV above an electric fireplace, then there are no heat issues and no required minimum clearance above the fireplace. In this case, we start with the ideal height for the TV, and work down from there. We suggest that the bottom of the TV be no more than 42 inches off the floor. The space below that is available for the fireplace. Many people will center a linear fireplace halfway between the bottom of the TV and the floor. If the fireplace is a traditional shape, it will take up more of the height between the floor and bottom of the TV. Larger fireplaces will end up closer to the floor in this situation. If you plan to have a mantel beam between the TV and the fireplace, this will also push the fireplace closer to the floor. Note: if you are mounting a TV above a gas fireplace, you will need to check manufacturer’s specifications and clearances to determine how close to the fireplace you can mount the TV. Generally, the TV will be higher above a gas fireplace, to clear the more intense heat output.

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