As electric fireplace specialists, we answer a lot of questions about various brands, and we spend a lot of time helping customers to compare brands. In our showroom, visitors who haven’t heard of Dimplex will ask ‘Is Dimplex a good brand?’ Here is what we tell them.

Is Dimplex a good brand for product quality?

We sell a lot of Dimplex products, and have done so for more than 15 years. We know from experience that their products are among the most reliable that we sell. They offer some of the best warranties among electric fireplace manufacturers, including an industry-best 5 year warranty on their XLF Ignite series. They have a dedicated customer service department that handles all warranty claims, and provides technical advice to dealers and consumers. We simply have fewer service issues with Dimplex than with any other brand that we carry. Is Dimplex a good brand for product quality? Yes!

Is Dimplex a good brand for product innovation?

Dimplex is a world leader in electric heating. In 1995, they developed the first truly realistic looking ‘wood-burning’ flame effect. They have continued to innovate with electric fireplace products like Opti-myst and Opti-V. Dimplex holds over 30 patents for electric flame technology, with more pending. It’s no wonder that many customer consider their electric fireplaces to have the most realistic flames. Is Dimplex a good brand for innovation? Yes!

modern electric fireplace pictures
Dimplex see-through GBF1000-Pro featuring Opti-myst CDFI1000P cassette.

Is Dimplex a good brand for fireplace design?

None of the technology and innovation is worthwhile, if consumers don’t like how the fireplaces look. In spite of having fewer sizes available than other manufacturers, their Ignite series of linear fireplaces continues to be our best-selling group. For those who prefer a more traditional fireplace, Dimplex fireboxes like the BF39DXP and Revillusion are also customer favourites because of their realistic flame effects. The Dimplex Opti-V is so realistic that our showroom visitors need a second take to figure out what they are looking at. Is Dimplex a good brand for fireplace design? Yes!

Is Dimplex a good brand for product selection?

Dimplex has been making electric fireplaces longer than anyone else in the market. That has given them a good head start on creating a wide range of fireplace styles. They offer the deepest range of traditional fireboxes in the industry, with sizes ranging from 20” up to 45”, in four different series. Their linear fireplace line-up has fewer sizes than their competitors like Napoleon and Amantii, but the profile of their Ignite series was so popular that it has been replicated by many competitors. They also offer unique products like Opti-myst and Opti-V that no other manufacturer has. In addition, they offer a complete line of electric heaters for those areas where a fireplace isn’t the answer. Is Dimplex a good brand for product selection? Yes!

Dimplex Revillusion RBF36 electric fireplace insert

Is Dimplex a good brand to support Canadian jobs?

Glen Dimplex is a family owned company based in Dublin, Ireland, with worldwide sales in excess of 3 billion dollars, and over 8500 employees. Their North American headquarters is in Cambridge, Ontario, where they have a 200,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility. So, yes, Dimplex is a good brand to support Canadian jobs.

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