Amantii Symmetry XT Series

The SYMMETRY XT Series by Amantii is taller than the other SYMMETRY models and boasts Amantii’s largest glass viewing area yet at 18 inches. Unencumbered by unsightly venting and red glowing grills, the SYMMETRY XT features a stunning true clean face display.

New to the SYMMETRY series are two flame patterns - choose from Amantii’s traditional diffused flame appearance and a new realistic flame style. The FIRE & ICE® flame presentation doesn’t disappoint, with yellow, orange, blue, violet & rose colored flames. Standardized unit sizing means hassle-free installation at any stage of construction.

May be plugged in or direct-wired. Comes standard with choice of Driftwood, Birch or Rustic Log  media kits or ICE media kit.