Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces aren't just restricted to indoor use these days as outdoor linear models are certainly growing in popularity. Outdoor fireplaces offer many of the benefits of a regular wood-burning fireplace along with some additional bonuses.

Since you simply connect the unit to a regular 120V electrical connection, there are no open flames, gas or fumes. The state-of-the-art LED coloured lighting system recreates the appearance of real flames. These fireplaces are quite easy and safe to use as the glass and metal don't heat up.  This means you get the feel, warmth and look of a classic, traditional fireplace without any toxic fumes or other safety hazards, and with an automatic shut-off and timer system.

Since there is no soot, ashes and fumes from burned wood, you'll find electric outdoor fireplaces are much simpler to maintain than a real fireplace and are environmentally friendly. Outdoor models are also easy to install and can be used year round. They come in a wide variety of options, power outputs, features, sizes and styles with most models also being suitable for indoor use as well. Most modern outdoor fireplaces are quite energy efficient and are ideal for heating up various-sized sun rooms, backyard porches and patios. Outdoor electric fireplaces are also ideal for communities where live outdoor fires have been banned.