Symmetry Bespoke  Series

The unique and well-designed Symmetry Bespoke electric fireplace is one of the most popular models of the famous Amantii brand. It features a modern interpretation of a classic fireplace with several unique options, while focusing on the utmost in performance and modern technology.

The quiet-operating fireplace comes with a WiFi app which enables you control all of its functions remotely from any room in the home. These include such state-of-the-art features such the six speed and height options of the flames as well as timers, the temperature and even a sound system.

Superior quality construction is guaranteed in all Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces to guarantee integrity and durability. The zero-emission fireplaces are the ultimate way to add a touch of class to any room of the house and can also be used in outdoor locations. The units can be wall mounted or fully recessed.

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