Add texture and authenticity to your fireplace project with natural stone veneers.

Stone veneers combine the beauty of natural stone with ease of installation. They are thinner, lighter and easier to work with than full stones. Most veneers may be installed with the same tools and materials as tile, whether you use a tile setter or a stone mason. (Note that bulkier veneers may require special handling and the expertise of a mason.)

Stone veneers may come in individual pieces, or in pre-glued panels comprised of multiple small pieces of stone. Quality stone veneer panels do not have excess glue, or unsightly gaps. They are also straight and true, making it easier to maintain level rows.

There are many styles and colours to choose from, to suit any design. Look for polished stones and plank-style panels for more contemporary spaces. For a rustic touch, opt for chunkier, more chiselled stone and random layouts. Many stone veneers also have corner pieces to make it easier to turn 90-degree corners. Look for notes about this, to be sure.

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