When it comes to residential and commercial fireplaces, many customers are choosing to go with stylish two-sided or see-through options. Seeing the fire from all angles makes a bigger impact, and offers flexibility for using and enjoying the room.

At Stylish Fireplaces in Vaughan, we offer several two-sided and see-through fireplaces from two of the industry’s top manufacturers, Amantii and Dimplex. Here are a few of our most popular models.

Amantii 72-TRU-VIEW-XL – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace
This is actually a state-of-the-art three-sided glass-viewing electric fireplace which can be viewed from just about any angle. There are different user options and it comes in three different sizes. There are two sets of flames and 13 different colours of ambient canopy lighting. The three LED light strips allow you to choose from five different colours of flames. This remote-controlled model can be used indoors and outdoors and is ideal for spaces up to 500 square feet in size.



Dimplex BF392SD 39-inch 2-sided Built-in Electric Firebox
This popular Dimplex fireplace provides supplemental heat with its powerful fan-forced heating system and is ideal for areas up to approximately 400 square feet in size. It comes with a three-stage remote control system which looks after the flame and heat. The log set is molded and hand crafted from real wooden logs giving it a realistic appearance. You can use this model even in the summer since the flame can be operated independently from the heater. This unit can provide 5,120 BTUs of power.



Dimplex Opti-myst 1000 Cassette CDFI1000P fireplace
This is another popular remote-controlled, two-sided electric fireplace from Dimplex, with the added feature of being see-through. This model is one-metre long and has a smaller half-metre option.  Multiple units may be joined together to offer endless design possibilities for large commercial installations. The revolutionary flame technology creates the illusion of smoke and flames with fine mist. It comes with an optional plumbing connection which can supply continuous water and has an overflow safety sensor. The direct-wired unit is 100 percent efficient and doesn’t produce any harmful emissions or particulates. You can even hear the snapping and cracking of real burning firewood through the adjustable sound system. The LED lights last forever and the unit fireplace needs relatively no maintenance at all.

Dimplex CDFI1000P Optimyst
Dimplex CDFI1000P Optimyst electric fireplace

A two-sided fireplace is an ideal way to add coziness and excitement to your decor.  If you’d like to view our wide range of fashionably elegant models and to gather more information on them, please visit us at our fireplace showroom in Vaughan.