It seems that Staycations will be the norm in 2020. That may leave you with spare time to take on home improvement projects. If you’ve been wanting to add an electric fireplace, we have 5 Easy Ways to add an Electric Fireplace to your Home this Summer.

Add an Electric Fireplace to your Home: Backyard

Amantii 2025WM TruView outdoor electric fireplace
Amantii 2025WM TruView 3-sided outdoor electric fireplace

More than ever, backyards are going to be a destination for summer fun this year. If you plan to spend more time outdoors, on the deck, or by the pool, it’s time to add an outdoor electric fireplace to your favourite seating area. An electric fireplace will take the chill off when the evenings are cool, but you can leave the heater off when the nights turn muggy. Use the LED coloured accent lights to amp up the atmosphere for parties and family dinners. The Amantii Cube is a compact outdoor electric fireplace with glass on 3 sides. Best of all, it can be surface-mounted to any exterior wall, so you can squeeze in a fireplace even if you haven’t planned for it.


Add an Electric Fireplace to your Home: Basement

Amantii WM-FM-72-8123-BG
Amantii WM-FM-72-8123-BG electric fireplace with backlighting

Until we can go to movie theaters safely, movie nights will be hosted at home. If you’re lucky enough to have a home theater in the basement, then you need to make it even more inviting with a big, bold electric fireplace. If you aren’t planning a renovation, then opt for a surface-mounted fireplace that’s large enough to balance out the big-screen TV. Amantii has a Wall-Mount series that fit the bill – the WM-FM series. Sizes range from 36 – 100 inches wide. The Sierra Flame WM-FML series features a metal faceplate, in widths from 32 – 96 inches wide. Both can be surface-mounted, with LED accent lighting behind the faceplates, to wash the wall in colour.


Add an Electric Fireplace to your Home: Bedroom

Napoleon Clearion Elite NEFBD50HE
Napoleon Clearion Elite see-through electric fireplace

Nothing makes a bedroom feel like a hotel-away-from-home like a fireplace! If a construction project is in the works, then consider the Napoleon Clearion Elite see-through electric fireplace. It can fit into a 2×4, 2×6, or 2×8 wall, so you don’t have to give up precious floor space to create a beautiful focal point. Best of all the Clearion Elite boasts a privacy feature that allows you to make the center panel opaque with the press of a button.


Add an Electric Fireplace to your Home: Bathroom

Napoleon NEFVC32H vertical electric fireplace

You begin and end every day in the bathroom, so why not make the most of your time there. An electric fireplace will add warmth when you’re soaking in the tub, or just a dose of calming ambiance when you’re prepping for the day ahead. Napoleon’s vertical series comes in a 32-inch and 38-inch height, both of which can fit in the 16-inch space between the studs in your house’s walls. You can adjust the colour of the flames, as well as ambient lights on the sides and under the ember bed. Heat washes down over the glass from the top of the unit, but you don’t have to have the heater on to have the flames on.


Add an Electric Fireplace to your Home: Foyer

Napoleon Stylus wallmount electric fireplace
Napoleon Stylus NEFP32-5019W electric fireplace

The word ‘foyer’ comes from the French for ‘hearth’. So naturally, it’s totally appropriate to have a fireplace in your entry hall. One of our favourite pieces for this purpose is the Napoleon Stylus, because it’s very striking, and because it has a handy shelf and charging port for phones and other devices.


Stylish Fireplaces knows that adding a fireplace to your home can be challenging. With an electric fireplace and their NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists, it’s easy to create a space you’ll love to share with family and friends. Check out all the options and connect with their experts for help to find the perfect electric fireplace for you. You’ll be the star of your own makeover!

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