Basement renovations are a great way to gain extra space in your house. Ideally, when you renovate, you will improve the insulation and make the space warmer. However, if your basement is not as warm as you would like, an electric fireplace can be a great way to get additional heat. With so many options to choose from, we’ve put together our list of the best electric fireplaces for basement heating.

Best electric fireplaces for basement heating – 240 volts

When an electric fireplace is connected to 240 volts, rather than the standard 120 volts, it can produce more heat. However, not all electric fireplaces may be connected to 240 volts. The following fireplaces are dual-voltage – they can operate on 120 volts or 240 volts.

Dimplex Ignite XLF100
Dimplex XLF100 Ignite

Dimplex Ignite linear fireplaces come in 4 sizes – 50”, 60”, 74”, and 100”. Crystals are standard, and a driftwood and pebble kit is optional. Flames are always a natural colour, with multiple colour themes under the ember bed. Heating features include timed heat boost, built-in thermostat, and an Eco feature for energy savings.

Dimplex BF39DXP 39" electric fireplace
Dimplex BF39DXP traditional fireplace insert

Dimplex BF traditional fireplaces come in 3 sizes – 33”, 39”, and 45”. Natural logs are standard, as is a curtain mesh screen. The optional wall-mounted remote provides temperature control that the 3-stage remote does not.

Dimplex RBF24 with optional trim kit, weathered concrete interior

Dimplex Revillusion traditional fireplaces come in 5 sizes – 24”, 30”, 36”, 36” Portrait, and 42”. Log options include RealLogs, FreshCut logs, and Birch logs. Interior panels are available in herringbone brick or weathered concrete. Heating features include a built-in thermostat.

Napoleon Fireplace Ascent Modern interior.
Napoleon Ascent 33-inch fireplace insert

Napoleon Ascent traditional fireplaces come in 2 sizes – 33” and 40”. They come with traditional logs only, with a clean glass face panel. They come with a built-in thermostat.

NEFL50CHD Alluravision
Napoleon NEFL50CHD Alluravision linear fireplace

Napoleon Alluravision Deep linear fireplaces come in 5 sizes – 42”, 50”, 60”, 74”, and 100”. These units include crystals plus driftwood. Heating features include heat boost and built-in thermostat. Flames change from orange to blue to yellow, or any combination. There are multiple accent lighting settings.

Amantii XT Series Fireplace with Brick
Amantii SYM-74-XT extra tall linear fireplace

Amantii Symmetry XT fireplaces come in 7 sizes, but only the 74, 88 & 100 inch sizes are dual-voltage. There are several choices of included media, including driftwood, birch logs, rustic logs, or ice crystals. Flames change colours from orange to yellow to blue or combinations, with accent lighting as well. Heating features include a built-in thermostat on the unit.

Best electric fireplaces for basement heating – heat boost

Heat boost is a great feature when you want to get a cold space up to temperature in a hurry. This setting allows the heater and blower to run at their highest setting, possibly for a timed period. Dimplex Ignite series fireplaces have timed Heat Boost settings of 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. After the timer expires, the heater will revert to its previous setting. Napoleon Alluravision units have a Heat Boost setting that puts the heater and blower on High until you change the setting.

Best electric fireplaces for basement heating – thermostat

Whenever a fireplace is being purchased for heating, we recommend units with a built-in thermostat. This allows you to set the desired temperature, for more efficient heat management. When the fireplace senses that the desired temperature has been reached, the heater will be turned off but the flames will stay on. This also allows you to leave the heater on without the flames, set to a minimum temperature, to keep the room from getting too cold when not in use.  All of the fireplaces listed above have a thermostat feature.

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