When it comes to the Best Electric Fireplaces for bedrooms, different people have different criteria to define ‘best’. In our Toronto-area showroom, the most common requests for bedroom fireplaces are:

  • It is two-sided and see-through;
  • It has sound effects;
  • It doesn’t require construction.

Homeowners may ask for one or more of these criteria in a bedroom fireplace. Below, we have put together our top picks for the Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms, based on client requests.

Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms — two-sided and see-through

Many clients are considering a two-sided, see-through fireplace between their bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Perhaps they’ve seen it in a hotel or on TV; whatever the reason, it’s a popular request. If a two-sided see-through fireplace is on your wish list for the bedroom, consider the Napoleon Clearion. (See photo above) It makes our list of Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms because it provides a see-through option in a slim 8-inch depth. If necessary, optional trim kits are available that allow the Clearion to be installed into wall cavities as slim as 4 to 6 inches. The latest version of Clearion also contains a privacy feature that allows homeowners to activate an opaque screen in the center of the unit, with the push of a button.

Another see-through option on our list of Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms, is the Dimplex Optimyst Pro box, which comes in lengths of 40 and 60 inches. This unit requires a depth of around 14 inches, so it works best with new construction or full renovation. However, it has the benefit of having a realistic crackling sound, as well as having a slight humidifying effect due to the mist-based flames.

Dimplex GBF1000-Pro Optimyst
Dimplex GBF1000-Pro Optimyst see-through electric fireplace

Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms — with sound effects

Some people want to be lulled to sleep by the soothing sight and sound of a real wood-burning fire. For them, the Dimplex Opti-V Solo or Duet make the list of Best Electric Fireplaces for bedrooms. The Opti-V uses video technology to project an image of real fire in the midst of the glowing logs inside the fireplace. Because it uses a video of a real fire, the flames are accompanied by the sound of a real fire. As with the Dimplex Optimyst unit noted above, the crackling sound has adjustable volume control, so that you can set it to a level that won’t keep you awake. Many people don’t like to sleep with excess heat, and the Opti-V has the added benefit of having no heat. Because it has no heat, it’s possible to connect the Opti-V to an existing electrical line, thus eliminating the need to run a new line from the electrical panel, which may be several floors below. Like the Optimyst Pro box, the Opti-V units require a deeper build-out than a standard wall offers, so it is best-suited to renovations and new construction.

dimplex Opti-V VF5452L
Dimplex Opti-V Duet electric fireplace

Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms — no construction required

Sometimes, you want to add a fireplace feature to the bedroom, but there isn’t a renovation planned. For these situations, the Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms are those that can be added without re-framing the wall. Our current favourite is the Napoleon Stylus, which is mounted on the surface of the wall, and features eye-catching styling. Other options are the Napoleon NEFVC32H and NEFVC38H, vertical units that can be mounted on the wall surface or inserted into the wall between studs with standard 16-inch spacing.

Napoleon Stylus NEFP32-5019W
Napoleon Stylus wall-mount electric fireplace

The Amantii Cube 2025-WM with optional speaker base is another great no-construction option for Best Electric Fireplaces for bedrooms. The speaker base is designed to perfectly match the Cube unit, and has Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy the fireplace while also streaming your favourite tunes to the speaker. Because this combination is free-standing, there is no construction required.

Amantii Cube 2025WM
Amantii Cube 2025WM on speaker base

Of course, if space allows, there are a number of mantel packages that would introduce a fireplace option into the bedroom without construction. Simply put the mantel cabinet against the wall, plug in the fireplace, and enjoy!

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces and custom designs. Their Toronto-area showroom features over 50 electric fireplaces with all of the wallcoverings and fireplace accessories to complete a project. Their expert staff includes NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists, who can advise clients on all types of fireplaces. They carry all major electric fireplace brands: Amantii, Dimplex, Dynasty, Modern Flames, Napoleon, Remii, and Sierra Flame.

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