As you spend more time at home, you may be noticing that some rooms could use a bit more heat and ambiance, especially now that they are being used as home offices or home-schooling zones. Who has time for a renovation?! An electric stove is the ideal solution to tuck into a corner. Unfortunately, this style of electric fireplace has been in short supply over the past year, as manufacturers have dropped them. Enter the Lynwood from Sierra Flame – one of our best new electric fireplaces of 2021 because they are filling a void left by other major manufacturers of electric fireplaces.


Available in 2 sizes

The Sierra Flame Lynwood comes in 2 popular sizes. Both are 28.25 inches tall, so they match their wood-burning cousins in authenticity. The Lynwood E50 is a compact 21.125 inches wide, while the Lynwood E70 is slightly wider at 27.875 inches wide. It’s this versatility that makes the Lynwood electric stove one of our best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Authentic detailing

The Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stoves are copies of the Lynwood wood-burning stove from the same maker. They feature cast-iron tops and sides, with the side panels cast in an attractive lattice pattern, to ensure they look good from all angles, and even up close. The Lynwood wood-burning stove features a large glass viewing window, a feature that has been a replicated on the Lynwood electric stove. Even better, this glass features a beveled edge on the electric models, for added depth and style. Yet another detail that gives the Lynwood series our nod as one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove E50 E70
The Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove features authentic cast iron top and sides, and comes with birch logs

Changeable Media options

In the past, an electric stove came with fixed logs in a grate, for a very traditional ‘wood-burning’ appearance. True to its billing as one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021, the Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove comes with a media package that includes birch logs, 2 colours of fireglass, and 2 colours of vermiculite ‘ash’. As with many electric fireplaces being produced today, this media may be changed for other media items of your choice. Want to add real logs instead of the manmade ones? Go ahead and replace the media kit; if it will fit inside the stove cavity, you can use your own pieces to personalize the Lynwood stove. You can choose the logs you put into a woodstove; now you can choose the logs you put into an electric stove. You can even choose to go with crystals, to modernize the look of the Sierra Flame Lynwood.

Flames that are modern or traditional

Today’s homeowners love the look of a woodstove in both traditional or more contemporary interiors. Europeans often combine the old-world comfort of a woodstove with modern interiors. An electric woodstove like the Sierra Flame Lynwood offers more design flexibility than a traditional woodstove, by offering 2 sets of flame styles. Choose from their ‘fire and ice’ flame set, that replicates the look of the Northern Lights inside your stove. Or go with the more traditional style flame design. Either way, you can enjoy the many light settings that come standard with the Lynwood. This acknowledgement of homeowners’ desire to have a woodstove that’s not just for traditional or rustic interiors is why the Lynwood made our list of the best electric fireplaces of 2021.

Flame and accent colours for any season or reason

No matter your style preference, the Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove has you covered, with flames that change from orange to yellow to blue, or a multi-coloured combination of all 3. You can change the Lynwood flames with the touch of the remote, as seasons or room designs change. Stick with yellow/orange flames in winter, then switch to blue or violet flames in warmer weather. Or how about changing the flame colour to match your mood, or a party theme, or the team colours of your favourite sports team? There are also 13 canopy colours to shine down on your media, to create dozens of different colour combinations. There really are endless ways to personalize your Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove. The ability to change the look of the Lynwood over the years will make it your pick for one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Enjoy flames with or without heat

Unlike a real woodstove that is always hot when the fire is on, a Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove may be operated with or without heat. The flames run independent of the heater. If your room is cool, turn on the heater to take the chill off an area up to 400 square feet with up to 4800 BTUs of heat output. If the room is warm, turn on the flames only, for ambiance without overheating the space. With different family members using rooms at different times, this flexibility offers everyone the perfect heat setting for their comfort. Now there are no excuses like ‘That room is too warm’ or ‘It’s cold in there’; make the room suit its occupants with the push of a button on the included remote.


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