The most popular style of fireplace is currently linear – that long, lean silhouette with minimal surround, that usually sits flush into the wall. With all manufacturers making multiple products in this category, it’s a challenge to offer truly innovative new fireplaces. Amantii is attempting to do just that by offering the Bespoke as an upgraded version of its popular Symmetry series. The Symmetry Bespoke offers many features not yet found on other linear electric fireplaces.


Yellow/orange/red flames

The Amantii Symmetry Bespoke comes with flames that have multiple colour settings, from yellow to orange to red. Until now, flames on some linear fireplaces, including Amantii’s other Symmetry models, might change colour from yellow to orange to blue, creating purples and pinks when combined. While these may not be realistic, they are popular with some homeowners. With the Symmetry Bespoke, we can still change the flame colour, but now with variations on more natural colours, including red for those who prefer a more intense flame. This subtle change offers an important distinction from other linear electric fireplaces, making it one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Amantii Symmetry Bespoke 74
Amantii Sym-74-Bespoke linear fireplace shown with birch logs and red/orange/yellow flames

Endless Accent lighting options

Most linear electric fireplaces offer LED accent lighting above and/or below the ember bed. With the Symmetry Bespoke, and its new intuitive remote, there are multiple pre-set colours below the ember bed, as well as the option to mix thousands of combinations. That’s in addition to improved downlighting options with 11 colour settings. Now you can set the accent colours to enhance a party theme, or your favourite sports team’s colours for game night. Or change the flame colours and accent lights to suit the seasons – warmer and redder in mid-winter, cooler and more colourful in summer.

Choice of media kits

Everyone loves the option to personalize their fireplace to their unique needs. Amantii has been an industry leader when it comes to offering multiple media packages with their fireplaces. The Symmetry Bespoke offers purchasers a choice of Birch log kit, Ice media kit, or Ember crystal package. There is truly a media kit for every décor. And if you tire of any of these, it’s easy to change to something completely different later on, by simply removing the front glass.

Programmable Remote & WIFI app

Strangely, the electric fireplace industry has been slow to adapt WiFi technology into their products. Amantii is leading the way by offering a WiFi app for their new Symmetry Bespoke, a step that ensures its place as one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021. Using the WiFi app, you can set the fireplace to turn on automatically before you arrive home, or turn the heater on when temperatures drop below a prescribed limit. You can also use the app to change settings from any room in the home. A touchpad on the fireplace itself offers backup controls when needed.

Crackling sound

Amantii has included a speaker and crackling sounds sampled from real fires, in the new Symmetry Bespoke series. Now you can emulate the full fireplace experience with sight and sound. If you prefer not to have the sound, it can be turned off, or the volume may be turned down.

Fully recessed or Wall-mounted

Most of our clients would prefer to have their linear electric fireplaces flush-mounted into the wall. When your wall depth or construction doesn’t allow for a fully-recessed installation, there are some linear electric fireplaces that may be mounted semi-flush, with only part of the firebox inside the wall. Occasionally, that’s not possible, which may eliminate some models from consideration, because they don’t offer a surface-mount option. On other Symmetry models, there is an option for semi-flush installation using a special trim kit. With the new Symmetry Bespoke, Amantii has introduced the option for surface-mounting on the wall. Because the Symmetry series includes a bold, 2-inch frame around the front glass, the fireplace will look finished even in an on-wall installation. This kind of forethought for alternative installations is another reason that the Symmetry Bespoke is one the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Lots of flame settings

Most people tell us that they want a ‘realistic’ flame on their electric fireplace. However, we’ve discovered that ‘realistic’ means different things to different people. Thankfully, the Symmetry Bespoke models offer many flame settings. There are 2 flame styles, offering different shapes to the flames to suit personal preferences. Then there are 6 brightness settings, as well as 6 speed settings. This is in addition to the multiple flame colours already mentioned. There truly is a flame setting for every taste on the Symmetry Bespoke.

Indoor-outdoor installation

As with most new Amantii electric fireplace models, the Symmetry Bespoke has been rated for both indoor and outdoor installations. Refer to the owners’ manual for specific instructions on outdoor installation requirements. Although this indoor-outdoor versatility isn’t new to Amantii, it helps to make the Symmetry Bespoke one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

5-year warranty

As a further signal that the Symmetry Bespoke series is one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021, Amantii has introduced it with a 5-year warranty. Parts are covered for the full 5 years, while on-site service is included for 1 year. Standard warranties in the industry range from 1 to 2 years.


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