The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic put a bit of a pause on new products for 2 years. As manufacturers struggled to keep up with demand for their existing products, new product development and production took a back seat. There were products that we were eagerly anticipating prior to COVID, that are just now becoming readily available. The Faber e-Matrix series is one such fireplace.

Faber is a division of Glen Dimplex, the world’s foremost producer of electric fireplaces. Faber also makes gas fireplaces, and they have taken the mist technology, where flames are produced by turning tap water into mist, and put it into one of their gas fireplace frames. The result is a beautiful electric fireplace that comes incredibly close to the look of a gas fireplace. Here are our top reasons to add a Faber e-matrix electric fireplace to your project.

Faber e-Matrix offers Traditional Styling

Dimplex Optimyst technology has been around for many years now. Unfortunately, their cassette system allows for endless possibilities for long, linear fireplace designs, but doesn’t lend itself to traditional style. Faber e-Matrix is decidedly traditional in shape and substance, including logs that are set up to complement a traditional fireplace rather than a linear one. The e-Matrix shape is closer to square, with a viewing area that’s 32-inches wide by 25.625-inches high. It’s also enclosed with glass, something that’s not offered on Dimplex Optimyst cassettes.

Faber e-Matrix FEF3226L3 electric fireplace
Faber e-Matrix fireplace with 3-sided glass

Faber e-Matrix offers Multiple Configurations

Faber has taken a single size firebox, and made it available in all possible configurations: single-sided glass front (FEF3226L1); left-side L-shaped glass (FEF3226L2L); right-side L-shaped glass (FEF3226L2R); 3-sided bay window glass (FEF3226L3). Each one stands alone as a unique item, so there are no adaptations needed to get the look you want. You order the e-Matrix the way you want it, and it is purpose-built and designed for that configuration.

Faber e-Matrix offers Flames without Heat

Most electric fireplaces come standard with heaters; you can operate the flames with or without the heater running. With the Faber e-Matrix, there is no heater, so electrical requirements are much less than an electric fireplace with 1500 watt heater. It also means that there’s no need for non-combustible materials around the fireplace, making construction simpler and potentially less expensive.

Faber e-Matrix offers Easy installation

Because there is no heater in the e-Matrix, the electrical draw is just 270 watts. The unit is direct-wired to a 120 volt electrical line, and if you have a low-usage circuit in your room, you could potentially run the fireplace off an existing circuit, rather than running a new dedicated line. If in doubt, always run a dedicated line, with a circuit breaker just for the fireplace. You also require a quarter-inch plumbing line for the water supply, similar to connecting a refrigerator ice-maker. There is no gas line needed, nor complex venting required, as there is for a gas fireplace.

Faber e-Matrix FEF3226l1
Faber e-Matrix electric fireplace with single-sided glass

Faber e-Matrix is People-proof

Because there is no heater in a Faber e-Matrix fireplace, there’s also no risk of someone running the heater in a warm room, and overheating the space. This is ideal for commercial settings, where we can’t control who might decide to ‘play’ with the controls. It’s also perfect for families with small children who might be attracted to the control buttons.  Glass on an electric fireplace will not get hot to the touch, because the flames are not a source of heat. And because there’s no combustion inside the e-Matrix, there’s no risk of carbon monoxide being released into the space.

Faber e-Matrix produces Zero Carbon

Electric fireplaces produce no carbon, because there is no combustion. That means you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to reduce climate change. Unfortunately, the e-Matrix flames are so real, your friends may not believe that your fireplace is actually zero-carbon! We think it’s worth the risk.


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