Wall-mounted Fireplaces

As televisions have been increasingly mounted on walls, the popularity of wall-mounted fireplaces has grown. It has become acceptable to mount the TV above the fireplace, and wall-mounted fireplaces tend to mimic the size and shape of TVs.  Today, it is the most popular type of fireplace in our Toronto-area showroom.  Wall-mounted fireplaces fall into two categories: those that go IN the wall, and those that go ON the wall.

Wall-mounted fireplaces that go IN the wall generally vent heat from the front. Wall-mounted fireplaces that go ON the wall may vent heat from the bottom or top of the unit. A TV should never be installed above a  fireplace that vents heat at the top of the unit, as the heat may potentially harm the TV.  If heat is vented from the bottom of a wall-mounted fireplace, then that fireplace must be at least 18″ off of the floor or any other heat-sensitive or flammable surface.  If the heat vents from the front or bottom of the fireplace, a TV may be mounted directly above the fireplace, without any ill effects for the TV.

Best Wall-mounted Fireplace Brands

Dimplex XLF100 electric fireplace
Dimplex XLF100 wall-mounted fireplace

Dimplex wall-mounted fireplaces: Dimplex is the oldest manufacturer of electric fireplaces, and one of the most reliable. They offer an extensive line of wall-mounted fireplaces for IN the wall, in sizes ranging from 34″ to 100″. Their wall-mounted fireplaces for ON the wall generally vent heat from the top, so they are not meant to be placed below TVs. Dimplex wall-mounted fireplaces usually come standard with crystals, but they also offer an optional driftwood package that fits into most of their wall-mounted fireplaces. Flames in Dimplex fireplaces are yellow. Prism and IgniteXL fireplaces also feature LED coloured lights beneath the flames.

amantii-WM-FM-60-7023-BG electric fireplace
Amantii WM-FM-60-7023-BG-ICE wall-mounted fireplace

Amantii wall-mounted fireplaces:  Amantii has an extensive line of electric wall-mounted fireplaces, ranging in size from 36″ to 100″ wide. All models vent heat from the front, and are safe for mounting directly below TVs.  They offer wall-mounted fireplaces in two styles: one with a large glass frame around the fire window, and one with a very slim panoramic window and no visible glass frame. The panoramic category of wall-mounted fireplaces is growing in popularity, and Amantii makes theirs suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The panoramic series also comes in two depths: 6″ and 12″. Amantii wall-mounted fireplaces with glass frames come with black or white glass, and may be mounted on the wall when an in-wall installation isn’t possible. These units also feature LED backlighting for on-wall installations. Amantii also offers both a log and crystals in all of their wall-mounted fireplaces, at no extra charge. Flames in Amantii fireplaces change from yellow to orange to blue.

Sierra Flame Vista-Bi-72-12 electric fireplace
Sierra Flame Vista-BI-72-12 wall-mounted fireplace

Sierra Flame wall-mounted fireplaces: Sierra Flame is a sister company to Amantii. Their line of wall-mounted fireplaces includes a panoramic style in sizes ranging from 50″ – 72″, in depths of 7″ and 12″.  Like Amantii, Sierra Flame also offers both a log and crystals in their units, as well as Himalayan sea salt. Sierra Flame also offers a slim wall-mounted fireplace for ON wall installations only, in sizes from 36″ to 54″.  These units vent heat from the top, but the heater is designed for easy disconnection should you wish to mount a TV above. Flames in the Sierra Flame wall-mounted fireplaces change from yellow to orange to blue.

dynasty_DY-BT63 electric fireplace
Dynasty BT-63 panoramic wall-mounted fireplace

Dynasty wall-mounted fireplaces: Dynasty is not as well-known as Dimplex or Amantii, but they make very reliable wall-mounted fireplaces. Their on-wall series vents heat from the bottom, and features a large glass frame around the fire window. The glass is usually black, although they offer white glass on a 58″ model. They also offer a panoramic series of wall-mounted fireplaces, ranging in size from 35″ to 79″ wide, with heat venting from the front. Dynasty wall-mounted fireplaces come standard with white rocks. Flames in the panoramic fireplaces change from orange to blue.

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