Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Perhaps you’ve heard about safety issues with gas fireplaces, and are wondering if electric fireplaces pose the same risks. We get questions about fireplace safety in our Toronto-area showroom all the time. In fact, electric fireplaces are much safer than gas. Here’s a comparison of the most common risks:

Amantii ZECL-31 insert
Amantii electric fireplace with curved metal frame.

Hot Glass

The flames on gas fireplaces are produced by combustion, or the burning of natural gas. This combustion is contained behind a protective glass, which gets hot to the touch. In fact, the glass on a gas fireplace gets so hot that it will burn skin that comes into contact with it.  Dozens of children in North America are burned through contact with gas fireplace glass each year.

By contrast, the flames in electric fireplaces are an illusion that’s created with light bulbs. Because there is no combustion inside the fireplace, the glass does not get hot to the touch. While we still recommend that you teach your children about the dangers of fire and fireplaces, if they do come into contact with the glass on an electric fireplace, they will not get burned.  Electric fireplaces are safe!


Some gas fireplaces, like gas logs,  are open, and have no glass between the flames and you. This means that there is an open flame in which someone could get burned.

The flames that you see inside an electric fireplace are created by light, sometimes paired with mist or mirrors. They are an illusion, and cannot burn anyone. Electric fireplaces are safe!

Carbon Monoxide

Because gas fireplaces burn fossil fuel, they produce carbon monoxide. This is normally vented to the outside, where it poses no danger to your family. However, gas appliances require regular maintenance to ensure that carbon monoxide is not leaking into your home.

Electric fireplaces produce heat through an electric heater, and not through combustion. There are no fumes or emissions of any kind with an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are safe!

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