The majority of homeowners who visit our showroom are going to be installing a TV above their fireplace. Naturally, their questions about electric fireplaces are related to the pairing of their TV with the fireplace. Here, we address some their most common questions.

Can electric fireplaces damage TVs?

Heat is the primary concern when someone asks ‘Can electric fireplaces damage TVs?’ They may be aware that there are strict clearance requirements when placing TVs above gas fireplace. However, those clearances aren’t relevant for electric fireplaces. When a gas fireplace is inserted into a wall or cabinet, there is residual heat around the unit, which heats up the wall surface. There is also a lot of heat being vented out the front of the unit. TV and gas fireplace manufacturers therefore specify minimum clearances away from the fireplace. When an electric fireplace is inserted into a wall, there is little or no residual heat around the unit, and it does not heat up the wall surface. Even when heat is blowing out the front of the unit, it isn’t hot enough to damage a TV on the wall above.

Can electric fireplaces damage TVs? Generally, no. However, if you have an older, or inexpensive, surface-mount electric fireplace, which blows the heat out the top of the unit (not out the front glass), then this heat would blow directly on to the TV above. For these units, it is never recommended to mount a TV above an electric fireplace. Better manufacturers are not making this type of electric fireplace any longer, as it is not popular.

Are electric fireplaces loud?

There are usually two concerns when someone asks this question: Are electric fireplaces loud when the heater-blower is on? Are electric fireplaces loud when the flames are on without heat? The first question often stems from their experience with gas fireplace blowers, which can be quite loud. The second question is often a reflection of an experience with a faulty or inexpensive electric fireplace that squeaks or grinds when the flames are running.

Are electric fireplaces loud? Generally not. When the heater is running on an electric fireplace, there is a blower that turns on automatically. Blower noise varies from one manufacturer to another, but all the better brands have blowers that are very quiet, and much quieter than their gas counterparts. Many electric fireplaces have multiple settings on the blowers, so that they can be adjusted down when you’re watching TV, for instance.

When the heater and blower are not on, and electric fireplace should be virtually silent. Occasionally, the flame generation rod may acquire a squeak, if it has gotten out of alignment or bent in transit. However, this is easily serviced on better quality electric fireplaces.

When compared to gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces are much better partners for TVs, especially when it comes to heat damage and noise interference.

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