If you’re planning a new family room or basement, you may have been online searching for ‘electric fireplace ideas with tv above’. It’s a very common topic in our Toronto-area showroom, and on chat on our website. Everyone wants our expert advice on how high to place the TV above the fireplace, what size the TV and fireplace should be, whether or not there should be a mantel, and how to conceal the wires and cables. Our NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists have seen lots of electric fireplaces with a TV above, and we’re happy to share our expertise with you.

How high should I mount my TV above the fireplace?

There are two important considerations for deciding how high to mount your TV above the fireplace: comfortable viewing; and protecting the TV from heat. When it comes to comfortable viewing, personal preferences may vary, depending on the positioning of the seating and the size of the TV. However, no one likes to strain their neck while trying to watch TV for an extended period. Based on our experience, the bottom of the TV should be no higher than 42-inches off the floor, to be comfortable for viewing from a seated position at an average distance. You may move that height up or down to suit your own situation, but this is a good place to start if in doubt. That leaves 42 inches in which to position the fireplace below; we recommend that linear fireplaces be placed 12 – 16 inches above the floor and more traditional fireplaces may be 12-inches or less from the floor or right at floor level.

When it comes to protecting the TV’s electronic components from overheating above a fireplace, it’s best to check the owner’s manual for a heating chart. A heating chart outlines the wall temperature at various heights above the top of the fireplace. These charts are common for gas fireplaces, and have been rare for electric fires. However, if there is a chart, it’s wise to check it. With an electric fireplace, the only heat that may creep up the wall will be from the heater. Hot air blows out the front of the fireplace into the room, and some of it may drift up the wall. Generally, you could hold your hand on the wall above an electric fireplace, with the heater running all day, and it wouldn’t get warm. However, if the manufacturer has included a heat chart, pay attention to it. Compare the wall temperatures listed in the chart with the safe temperature for your TV, according to the owner’s manual for your TV. If there is no heat chart, we recommend a distance of 10 – 12 inches between the top of the fireplace and the bottom of your TV.

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What size fireplace do you need to work with your TV above?

First thing first: TVs and electric fireplaces are measured differently. A TV is measured on the diagonal, across the screen from lower corner to upper corner. This means that the TV size is larger than the actual TV width; a 65-inch TV is approximately 57-inches across, and a 55-inch TV is approximately 48-inches across. Plus, as the TV gets wider, it also gets taller. An electric fireplace is measured straight across the front glass, so the ‘size’ is approximately the same as the width of the front glass. Generally, linear electric fireplaces do not get taller as they get wider, although more traditional styles do get taller as they get wider.

Knowing how TVs and electric fireplaces are measured will help you to understand how to choose the best size fireplace to go below your TV. From a design perspective, it is uncomfortable to look at something that is ‘upside down’. If you think about drawing a line around the fireplace with TV above, you should end up with a square or a pyramid, where the TV on top is no wider, and preferably narrower, than the fireplace below. Because the TV is taller than the fireplace, it can feel top-heavy above the fireplace. If the fireplace is wider than the TV above, then it appears to balance out the visual weight of the TV.  

Should you add a mantel between your fireplace and the TV above?

There two main reasons to add a mantel ledge between an electric fireplace and a TV above: to add a decorative element and shelf; and to protect the TV from heat from the fireplace. The use of a mantel for decorative purposes is a personal choice. Just keep in mind that a mantel shelf requires space, and that may push the fireplace down or the TV up, from where you had planned to have them. A mantel ledge may offer a heat barrier between the top of the fireplace and the TV, if you choose to place your TV closer to your electric fireplace that is recommended. Be sure the mantel shelf can handle the heat, and is non-combustible.

Should I mount my TV in a niche above the fireplace?

Mounting your TV in a niche offers several advantages: protection of the TV from fireplace heat; ability to hide the TV bracket and cables; and the creation of a ledge on which to set other devices, like a speaker bar. Also, some clients just prefer the way it looks. On the other hand, a niche will limit your TV size for years to come – any future TVs will have to fit into the niche. If you mount your TV on the wall surface, you will be able to change the size up or down in future.

Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above — Conclusion

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