Dimplex Optimyst Linear is the next generation of vapor fireplaces. Dimplex has adapted their mist-generating technology to fit inside a slimmer framework, making this built-in electric fireplace just 11 inches deep. Compare that to the 14.75-inch depth of the GBF1500-Pro and GBF1000-Pro, the other built-in Optimyst packages. The GBF units are based on the CDFI cassettes; the Optimyst Linear units are not.

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What are Dimplex Optimyst Vapor Fireplaces?

Vapor fireplaces are a type of electric fireplace that turns water into mist to create a flame effect. Dimplex Optimyst electric fireplaces store water in a refillable tank and from there the water is ultrasonically turned into a mist. The mist is forced upwards and illuminated by LED lights which create the realistic flame and smoke effect.

Dimplex Optimyst Linear flames

Multi-coloured flames are a popular feature on regular LED electric fireplaces, and Dimplex has incorporated this into their new Optimyst Linear flames. There is an endless choice of flame colours, so you can personalize the look you prefer. Either use the remote to pause the kaleidoscope cycle of colours, or use the Colour-Picker on the FlameConnect app to fine-tune your colours. This is a nice improvement over the Optimyst models that are based on the CDFI cassettes, which offer one natural flame colour only.

The appeal of Optimyst Linear is that the flames are natural-looking because they are totally random and they react to air movement as a live flame would. When the LED lights hit the mist from below, the effect is more life-like than any other electric fireplace flame. Regular tap water is turned into mist ultrasonically; it’s not steam, so it won’t burn anyone. Connecting the Optimyst Linear to a water line keeps the water reservoir filled automatically.

Dimplex Optimyst Linear media package

The included media package is a combination of driftwood and crystals. Previous Optimyst products, like the CDFI cassettes and GBF built-in fireplaces had no included media; log kits and driftwood packages were sold separately.

Dimplex Optimyst Linear models

Optimyst Linear fireplaces come in 3 sizes: OLF46-AM, OLF66-AM, OLF86-AM

Dimplex Optimyst Linear controls

Optimyst Linear includes a touchpad on the front glass, a newly redesigned remote control, and it may also be controlled with the Dimplex Flame Connect app. Controlling with the WiFi app offers the added convenience and ease of visualizing the adjustments being made. However, when the app is connected, the fireplace may not be controlled with the remote. You must decide on one or the other.

Dimplex Optimyst Linear features and benefits

  • Opti-myst Flame Effect — Revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces the illusion of three-dimensional flame using vapor technology.
  • Comfort$aver Heating System — Safe concealed ceramic heat, plus 11% energy savings, warms up to 1,000 sq. ft. Can be used as a primary or secondary heating source depending on room requirements.
  • Custom Colour Creations — Choose between a traditional natural amber flame or go contemporary with a variety of brilliant colour themes; cycle through a range of colours using the custom mode, freezing on the hue of your choice.
  • Slim Design — A zero-clearance firebox with a slimmer 12″ deep design.
  • Crackling Sound Effects — Enjoy a complete sensory experience with the sound of natural wood fire.
  • Fully-Sealed Glass — Front glass fully seals to protect and stabilize the flames.
  • Built-in Timer — Set for 30 minutes to 8 hours.
  • Smart Self-Diagnostics — Integrated self-diagnostics that simplify troubleshooting and improve service.
  • Continuous Water Supply — Designed to connect to main water line providing continuous operation. Optional plumbing kit is available.
  • Frame, Wire and Finish — Basic installation requires fewer tradespeople, no gas lines, venting, or chimney.

Dimplex Optimyst Linear vs. other electric fireplaces

Linear electric fireplaces with extra depth appeal to homeowners who are looking for the most realistic flames, especially if they are comparing to gas fireplaces. This is a growing category that includes multi-sided fireplaces, which may be installed with the end glass blocked, to create a frameless single-sided fireplace. All but one of these are regular LED flame technology, without the mist flames.

  • Amantii Panorama Deep is a built-in 12-inch-deep linear fireplace. It may be installed with or without the frame around the viewing glass. It is also indoor-outdoor rated. LED flame colours are yellow, orange, and red.
  • Amantii Symmetry Extra-Tall is a slide-in 12-inch-deep linear fireplace with an extra-tall viewing glass. It is indoor-outdoor rated, with yellow, orange and red flames.
  • Napoleon Astound is a new built-in 12-inch-deep linear fireplace with extra-tall viewing glass. It has all new LED flames in yellow and orange.
  • Napoleon Trivista Primis is a 10-inch-deep 3-sided built-in linear fireplace with LED flames in yellow, orange and blue. When installed with the end glass blocked, it becomes a frameless single-sided fireplace.
  • Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi is also a 3-sided built-in linear fireplace, with 12-inch depth. LED flames have full-spectrum colour with endless options. When installed with the end glass blocked, it becomes a frameless single-sided fireplace.
  • Modern Flames Orion Multi features Heliovision video flames in a 3-sided built-in linear fireplace with 10-inch depth. When the ends are blocked, it becomes a single-sided linear fireplace.
  • Dimplex IgniteXL Bold is a 12-inch-deep multi-sided built-in linear fireplace with an extra-tall viewing window. LED flames combine yellow, orange and blue. When installed with the end glass blocked, it becomes a frameless single-sided fireplace.
  • Dimplex Optimyst Built-in offers the only other mist option. It’s based on the CDFI cassettes, so the overall depth is over 14 inches. Flames are produced in one natural colour only, with no accent lighting or colours.


Dimplex Optimyst Linear electric fireplaces offer the perfect combination of mist flames in a deeper depth that homeowners are demanding. By combining the realism of vapor flames with the features of a regular LED electric fireplace, Optimyst Linear is uniquely positioned to become even more popular than the Optimyst cassettes have been.   

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