How often do you visit someone’s home, and notice that their wood-burning fireplace is cozy, but not very stylish? As a focal point in the room, the fireplace should reflect the homeowner’s personal style, and set the tone for the space. Fireplace accessories are one way to do just that, but are often overlooked. Here are a few of our favourite ways to make a wood-burning fireplace more stylish with the right fireplace accessories.

Fireplace Accessories – fireplace tools for tending the fire

Stoll Traditional Tool Set with contrasting handles.

When it comes to fireplace accessories, the hardest working pieces are the fireplace tools. These are the items that will come in direct contact with the burning fire, so the quality of the construction will be extremely important in these fireplace accessories. Having said that, there are so many options for customization that your fireplace tools really can be fireplace accessories. There are 4 items that make up a standard fireplace tool set:

  • Poker – this is the rod with a hook on the end,
    that is used to hook or push burning materials inside your fireplace. Look for
    handles that are secure or integrated, so they don’t fall off. You may be able
    to customize the finish on the handles to complement your décor.
  • Tongs – this is a rod with opposing prongs on
    the end, used to grab onto logs or other items inside the fireplace. As the
    prongs are hinged so they move, the strength of the materials will determine
    the longevity of this tool.
  • Spade – this is a rod with a small shovel on the
    end, used to maneuver hot ashes or small burning particles, inside the
  • Broom – this is a fireproof rod with a rounded
    or flat broom on the end, for sweeping up ash and debris after the fire is out.
    Be sure the bristles are firmly attached to the rod.
Stoll Industrial hearth center combines a tool set with a log holder

What makes all fireplace tools into fireplace accessories, is the ability to customize the designs. You can choose different finishes, other than black, and possibly add contrasting handles to accent the room. The stand on which the tools hang is another way to add unique style to these fireplace accessories.

Stoll Elite glass tool set offers a more contemporary take on fireplace accessories

Fireplace Accessories – log baskets and holders

Not everyone wants a stack of firewood inside their house. It can be pretty dirty and dusty, so many people store it outside. Log baskets and holders provide a space inside, next to the fireplace, to store a small quantity of firewood, ready for the next fire. These fireplace accessories come in many shapes and sizes, in a variety of styles and finishes. Durability is important, as log baskets and holders will be holding a bit of weight, and should do so securely. Often, log baskets and holders can be customized to match your other fireplace accessories, such as the fireplace tools.

Stoll log rings come in 3 sizes, and collapse for easy storage
Stoll Aged Iron log holder comes in 26 finishes, with tool sets, screens and doors to match

Fireplace Accessories – screens and doors

Screens and doors are perhaps the most customizable of all fireplace accessories. We have written an entire article on them, so we will summarize here. Fireplace screens and doors are part of the safety system of a wood-burning fireplace, and as such, these fireplace accessories need to do much more than just look good. They will be subjected to high heat and soot, and must be constructed to withstand these elements. As fireplace accessories, screens and doors are available in endless combinations of shape, size, and colour. You can select finishes for the doors, the frames and the hardware. Glass also comes in different tints, from clear to gray to bronze. Doors can be rectangular or arched, bifold or cabinet style. Fireplace screens also offer customization via finish colours, shape, size, style of foot, and even the type of mesh. Because fireplace doors and screens are front and center on any fireplace, the style of these fireplace accessories has the biggest influence on the overall appearance of the fireplace.

Stoll fireplace screen with decorative scroll design, custom feet

Because fireplace accessories are functional and important for the safe enjoyment of your wood-burning fireplace, it is important to invest in quality construction. Because fireplace accessories are so visible, it is also important to consider their design very carefully. And remember, when the fireplace accessories look shabby, the entire room looks shabby!

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces and custom designs. They are proud to partner with Stoll Industries for all their fireplace accessories. They offer a complete range of Stoll fireplace tools, log holders, screens and doors in their Toronto-area showroom. Their NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists are also comfortable helping clients to select and customize their fireplace accessories.

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