Last month, I shared my guest room refresh. This month, it’s my principle bedroom update. This wasn’t a major overhaul –just new carpet, paint and bedding — but it feels so much fresher to me, because of the bright new comforter. Such is the power of pattern and colour.


While this is the largest of our three bedrooms, it is not very big. Fortunately, we had all of the closets converted with custom storage years ago, so we don’t need a lot of dresser space. This update was more about fixing little details on the shell — walls, floors and ceiling.

BEFORE: Worn carpet, tiny baseboards and a badly painted stucco ceiling made this bedroom appear tired. 


With new wool-nylon blend carpet, larger baseboards and fresh paint, the backdrop was still neutral, but fresher. It allows us to change things up just by changing the bedding and accent pieces.

The headboard, dresser and nightstand were reused, but we replaced the old wooden knobs with pewter-coloured metal ones.

The bedding is a cheerful Echo pattern that reverses to a very sedate beige floral — I never use the beige side. The paisley pattern has lots of colours to play up with accents, so I shouldn’t get tired of it. My favourite embroidered white sheets still work, of course.

The lamps were both in storage, waiting for a home, so I was thrilled to be able to use them here. As with the guest bedroom, an extra dining chair provides a resting place as well as a place to put extra pillows at bedtime.

The pinstriped draperies got an update with a new satin nickel rod with crystal finials to lighten the look. The top-down bottom-up cellular shade also still works with the new wall colour, and provides darkness and privacy as required.

AFTER: A blend of old and new. It’s easy to see how we can change the entire look just by changing the bedding.
AFTER: The embroidered pillow is actually a piece of fabric art that just happens to have been stitched into a burlap pillow. The embroidered pillow case goes with sheets I’ve had for a few years, and that I love. The blend of patterns and textures keeps the neutral room from being boring. Note the Tiffany lampshade in the background, adding another hit of pattern and colour. 
AFTER:  I carried this little teapot lamp back from a decorating conference years ago, and had nowhere to put it.  The key tassel was a sample that just had the perfect colours for this room. The metal knobs on the furniture are new. 
AFTER:  New brushed nickel hardware with crystal finials updates the pinstriped drapery panels. A spare dining chair is a great way to fill an empty corner, while being practical. Luckily, our dining chairs are fully upholstered, and neutral, so they can go anywhere. 
AFTER: Don’t forget to treat yourself to fresh flowers! 

Jeanne Grier is an award-winning interior decorator and owner of Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors. With over 25 years’ experience in the Toronto area, she has completed hundreds of makeovers. Her expertise extends to fireplaces, and she is an NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialist. She and her husband Colin operate a retail showroom in the Toronto area, featuring over 50 electric fireplaces, as well as wall coverings and fireplace accessories. 

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