In our Toronto-area showroom, we sell all the better brands of electric fireplaces, so we spend our days helping clients to compare features and benefits of Amantii, Dimplex, Dynasty, and Napoleon, to name a few. Since its introduction less than 5 years ago, the Dimplex XLF Ignite has been on a steady climb to become a best seller. It’s definitely not the least expensive electric fireplace in our showroom, so we know customers aren’t swayed by the price tag. Here are our top reasons that the Dimplex XLF Ignite is everyone’s favourite electric fireplace, based on customer feedback.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace has the best flame

Dimplex has been creating electric fireplaces longer than anyone else in North America. They have perfected the art of the flame. The Dimplex XLF Ignite series introduced a flame that was slightly more intense than previous generations of Dimplex fireplaces, overcoming one of the objections we used to hear about their products. Unlike most other electric fireplaces, the flames on the Dimplex XLF Ignite seem to dance in the center of the ember bed, just like a gas fireplace.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace has outstanding heating capacity

All electric fireplaces have heaters, all have multiple settings, and all may be operated with or without the heater engaged. The Dimplex XLF Ignite includes all of our favourite heating options: thermostat settings that allow for precise temperature control; a low-fan ‘eco’ option that saves energy while keeping the fan at a very quiet lower output (perfect for watching TV); a high-fan ‘heat burst’ option that allows you to crank the fan to its highest setting for a preset amount of time, to quickly take the chill off a very cold room. In addition, the Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace is dual-voltage, meaning that you may connect to a regular 120 volt connection, or opt for a 240 volt connection. On 120 volts, the Dimplex XLF Ignite will pump out up to 5718 BTUs, enough to warm up a 400- 500 square foot area. On 240 volts, the Dimplex XLF Ignite will crank out 8530 BTUs, to cover an even larger space.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace has amazing LED accent lighting

If you’ve ever experienced the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, then you will have some idea of the LED light effects that are standard on the Dimplex XLF Ignite. There are 8 settings in all, from natural (no ambient light effects) to several multi-colour rotating options. Plus, the Dimplex XLF Ignite has a ‘hold’ feature that allows you to stop the light show at any point as it rotates through hundreds of combinations. Set the accent lighting on the XLF Ignite to the colours of your favourite sports team or coordinate with your décor – it’s up to you.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace has flexible installation options

The Dimplex XLF Ignite is made to be installed flush into a 2×6 wall, but an optional trim kit allows for semi-flush installation into a standard 2×4 wall, as well. When mounted flush, the XLF Ignite has the smallest flange in its class, at just 0.75 inches.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplace looks good with crystals or driftwood

The Dimplex XLF Ignite comes standard with clear acrylic ember media, to show off the myriad colours available in the accent lighting feature. However, at least half our clients are purchasing the optional driftwood and river rock package, for a more natural look. The man-made ‘driftwood’ is incredibly real looking, and comes with real river rocks. Or, try the driftwood on top of the standard crystals, for the best features of both.

The Dimplex XLF Ignite electric fireplaces has the best warranty

In our experience, Dimplex electric fireplaces are among the most reliable in the industry. Standard warranties for electric fireplaces currently range from 1 to 2 years. The Dimplex XLF Ignite series now comes with an industry-best 5 year warranty!

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