Dimplex Ignite Evolve is the newest member of the Ignite family of linear electric fireplaces. It’s an upgrade on the original Dimplex IgniteXL that was introduced almost a decade ago. Ignite Evolve has exactly the same installation footprint as the original IgniteXL; overall height is 16.5 inches and the depth is made to slide into 2×6 framing. It’s what’s behind the glass that’s new.

Dimplex Ignite Evolve flames

IgniteXL has always featured a natural flame effect, enhanced with a mirrored back panel that makes the flame appear as if it’s coming from a central burner running the length of the fireplace. The reflective backdrop on Ignite fireplaces also makes the fireplace appear deeper than it is. Ignite Evolve continues this tradition, with an enhanced flame similar to the flame found in the new IgniteXL Bold. (See our Blog Post). The Ignite Evolve flame layers 3 colours – yellow, orange and blue – which may be used in various combinations to suit your preferences. Flame speed may also be controlled on the Ignite Evolve. (The original IgniteXL flame offered no adjustments to colour or speed.)

Dimplex Ignite Evolve media package

The included media package is another upgrade over the original IgniteXL, which comes with clear crystals only. Ignite Evolve comes with tumbled glass, driftwood, and clear crystals, for multiple options to personalize the interior of the fireplace, without ordering additional media packages.

Dimplex Ignite Evolve models

Ignite Evolve comes in 5 sizes: EVO50, EVO60, EVO74, EVO100

Dimplex Ignite Evolve controls

Ignite Evolve includes a touchpad on the front glass, a newly redesigned remote control, and it may also be controlled with the Dimplex Flame Connect app. Controlling with the WiFi app offers the added convenience and ease of visualizing the adjustments being made.

Dimplex Ignite Evolve features and benefits

  • Multi-Fire XD® Flame Effect — The patented Dimplex flame technology produces vivid, realistic flames for a traditional fire appearance.
  • Less Frame, More Flame — Clean front face with minimal trim makes the dazzling flames the focal point.
  • Edgeless Design — The edgeless design installs without trim right up to stone, brick, and other solid wall finish materials; includes trim for drywall and tile surfaces.
  • Media Accent Colours — Choose from a variety of brilliant colour themes or cycle through a range of colours using the custom mode, freezing on the hue of your choice.
  • Optional Media Modes — Utilize 3 different presets for customized views – prism, kaleidoscope, and midnight mode.
  • Comfort$aver® — Dimplex’s exclusive Comfort$aver heater provides on-demand, supplemental heating that warms up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Heat Boost — Quickly warms a room by delivering maximum heat output for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Cool-touch Glass — Glass remains cool making it safe for children and pets.
  • Smart Self-Diagnostics — Integrated self-diagnostics that simplify troubleshooting and improve service.
  • Seamless Installation — Low-profile design fully recesses in 2″ x 6″ wall construction and 2″ x 4″ with optional trim.
  • Hardwire or Plug-in — Hardwire to 120V/240V power supply or use the optional 120V plug-in cord kit.
  • Easy Installation — No venting, gas lines, or piping required; simply frame, wire and finish for quick and easy installation.
  • Flame Connect app – Control the Ignite Evolve from your mobile device with WiFi.
  • Industry-best Warranty – Dimplex covers 5 years of parts and service, for carefree long-term enjoyment.

Dimplex Ignite Evolve vs. other electric fireplaces

Linear electric fireplaces that may be installed into slim 2×6 framing continue to be in demand. Ignite Evolve is the latest in a large category.

  • Modern Flames Orion Slim – This new model incorporates Heliovision video flame technology. (Read our review.) It also has a slightly taller viewing area.
  • Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim– This built-in model features the most LED colours of any electric fireplace, with full-spectrum colour and a nifty remote to control it.
  • Amantii Symmetry – This model is rated for indoor and outdoor use, and features a wider border  (2 inches) than other models. It has a very similar framing profile to the Ignite Evolve.
  • Amantii Symmetry Bespoke – This is the upgraded version of Symmetry, with better quality components and additional features like crackling sounds.
  • Amantii Panorama Slim – This is a built-in unit that may be installed without a frame around the glass. It is also slightly deeper than the other models noted here.
  • Napoleon Alluravision Deep – This has similar dimensions to the Ignite Evolve at an entry level price point.
  • Napoleon Entice – This is another entry-level option for a slide-in linear fireplace.


Given the ongoing popularity of the Dimplex Ignite series, we are happy to see the family expand to include the Ignite Evolve. As more homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by switching from gas fires to electric fireplaces, the demand for realistic electric flames is growing. Dimplex Ignite Evolve is already attracting attention from discerning clients.

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