As the demand for electric fireplaces grows, the quest for better flame technology advances. The latest update in electric fireplace flame effects is the Heliovision, featured in the new Orion series from Modern Flames. Heliovision combines video projection of real flames, with all the other popular features that consumers have come to expect from an electric fireplace.  

Modern Flames Orion Models

Orion comes in Slim and Multi-sided models. Slim units are designed for 2×6 framing. Multi-sided units require 10-inches of framing depth, and may be installed with one, two or three glass sides exposed.

Orion Slim comes in 4 sizes: OR52-SLIM, OR60-SLIM, OR76-SLIM, OR100-SLIM

Orion Multi comes in 5 sizes: OR52-MULTI, OR60-MULTI, OR76-MULTI, OR100-MULTI, OR120-MULTI

Watch our Orion Video

Modern Flames Orion Heliovision features and benefits

  • 3 Flame Patterns – Because the flames are a video projection, we have a choice of how the flames will look. Choose from flames that replicate gas or wood-burning fires, or a hybrid.
  • 6 Flame Colours – Leave the flames in their natural colouring or play with the pre-set colour options to change the mood.
  • Adjustable Flame Speed – Set the speed that looks best and most natural to you.
  • Ambient Crackling Sound – Because the flames are created with video, natural crackling sounds have been captured to accompany the flame appearance. You can also choose to turn this off.
  • Multi-Colour Ember Bed – Enhance the flames with lighting below the ember bed, from a natural glow to mood-changing accents. These may also be left off.
  • Multi-Colour Downlighting – Add additional lighting to the flames to complement the lighting conditions in your space, or to change the mood. These may also be left off.
  • Multi-Dimensional Flame Appearance – The video flames capture the real thing, in all their multii-faceted glory. They look real because they are real.

Other Orion-Slim features

  • 15-inch viewing area height – With a slightly taller viewing area than other linear fireplace, Orion Slim offers a bolder presentation.
  • Included media — Black Reflective Glass + Western Driftwood Log Set – Set up your fireplace with both or either.
  • WiFi Controlled via Modern Flames App – The app is superior to even the remote, and is a great enhancement to the fireplace. It has visual representations of the settings that are not possible on a remote or touchpad.
  • Handheld Remote Control – Control all the features of the fireplace without the need for technology.
  • Built-in Touch Controls – Controls all of the fundamental features of the fireplace, when the remote or app are not accessible.
  • 5,000 BTU Heater — High Efficiency PTC Ceramic Heater – Warm up to 400 square feet, or operate without heat for year-round comfort.

Additional Orion-Multi features

  • 18-inch viewing area height – Enjoy higher impact in your space with the extra-tall viewing area.
  • 5,000 – 10,000 BTU Heater — High Efficiency PTC Ceramic Heater – Connect your fireplace to standard 120 volts for enough heat to warm up to 400 square feet. Connect to 240 volts to provide enough power to the heater to warm up to 800 square feet.

Modern Flames Orion Slim vs. other electric fireplaces

There are no other electric fireplaces at this time, that have the video flame technology. However, there are many other linear electric fireplaces that fit into a 2×6 wall depth, including:

Modern Flames Orion Multi vs. other electric fireplaces

Minus the video flame technology, there are many other 3-sided electric fireplaces for comparison, and all can be installed with one or both ends blocked:


We expect to see more video, or virtual, models in future, from other manufacturers. This means that the technology will only improve over time. If you are reluctant to install an electric fireplace due to concerns about realism, you need to check out the Orion series.

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