Bring new life to an old fireplace with an Electric Fireplace Log-set.

Electric fireplace log-sets are specially designed for retrofitting into existing wood-burning fireplaces. They usually include a grate, with real-looking logs that glow as if they are burning. The flame effect may reflect off the back of the fireplace, or on a reflective panel that’s integrated into the log-set. Most electric fireplace log-sets have an integrated heater, and the logs may be operated with or without the heater turned on.

Electric fireplace log-sets come in a range of sizes, from 18-inches to almost 30-inches in width. They are made to fit into most masonry fireplace openings, and plug into a regular 120 volt electrical outlet. All that’s required is to bring the electrical connection inside the fireplace opening. There’s even a log-set with an optional rechargeable battery, for cordless operation.

Log-sets are ideal for filling a non-functioning fireplace and bringing it back to life. Dress up the fireplace opening with a fireplace screen or doors, for a finished look that will impress friends and family. Electric fireplace log-sets are an economical way to convert a masonry fireplace that’s no longer being used.

Electric fireplace log-sets are easy to install and may be set up without a professional installer. (Always consult a licensed electrician for any electrical work required to connect an electric log-set.) You can even leave the existing fireplace door or screen in place, for added realism.

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