Multi-sided fireplaces are definitely trending. We are seeing much more demand for 2-sided and 3-sided glass, and several manufacturers have responded with linear options. What has been missing is the more traditional shape and sizes – until now. Modern Flames has introduced the Sedona Pro Multi, a more square multi-sided electric fireplace for traditional installations. It has been on our radar for a few years, since we first saw it at a trade show, and we think there are MULTIple reasons to love it.


All the standard electric fireplace features

Like all electric fireplaces, the Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi offers flames that operate independent of the heater. The heater, when desired, can pump out up to 5000 BTUs of warmth, enough to take the chill off an area up to 400 square feet. When the heater is on, the blower is on, to push the heat out into your space, efficiently and quietly. Both the heater and the flames have variable settings. Because this fireplace will be built-in, it requires a hard-wire connection to 120 volt electrical line. As with all electric fireplaces with heaters, the Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi should be on a dedicated circuit. The Sedona Pro Multi comes standard with both hand-painted Canyon Driftwood logs, Smoked Glacier crystals, and clear crystals. Install with either or all three, for a variety of different looks to suit any room.

Multi sizes available

The Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi comes in 3 popular sizes for lovers of traditional style: 30-inch, 36-inch, and 42-inch. These sizes refer to glass width; all have a viewing height of 26 inches, to differentiate them from linear models. The extra-tall flames take advantage of the additional height, so that the effect is not limited to the bottom of the viewing area. Create a traditional style fireplace with glass on 1, 2 or 3 sides with great proportions that suit the design you have in mind.

Multi installation depths

When fully recessed, for a 3-sided bay or right or left sided L, the Sedona Pro Multi requires a framing depth of 13 inches. However, it may also be partially recessed into a 2×6 framed opening. Everything you need for installation comes with the fireplace, including flanges and brackets for various mounting options, suction cups for the glass, and end panels to cover up one or both glass sides.

Multi installation configurations

Modern Flames claims there are at least 12 different configurations for the Sedona Pro Multi. Fully recessed, it may be single-sided, 3-sided, left-sided L, or right-sided L. Partially recessed, the same configurations are available. Plus, you may put it into a wall-mounted cabinet with any of these configurations, when other installation options aren’t available to you.

Multi lighting layers

All of the lighting features on the Sedona Pro Multi may be operated independently of each other, or used together. There are 3 flame colours, plus the ember bed and downlighting features. The logs light up orange from within, to offer the glow of a burning fire.

Multi lighting colours

Modern Flames offers a full colour spectrum in every lighting feature, with endless options for both the downlighting and ember bed features. Each of these features may be left off, or operated independently of the others. The Hybrid FX flame offers an organic realism to the flames, and is the tallest flame in the Modern Flames collection. Flame colours are orange, red and cyan blue. A colour wheel on the remote or Modern Flames app allows you to set the colours to exactly the shades that you prefer.

Multi ways to control

The Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi comes standard with hidden manual controls, plus a full-function remote control. You may also download the Modern Flames app to control your fireplace from your mobile device. An optional wireless wall tether allows thermostat control as well.

Multi design ideas

In today’s open floor plans, 3-sided fireplaces are perfect for offering a pleasing view from various vantage points. Imagine gathering around a seating area that encircles the 3-sided viewing area of the Sedona Pro Multi. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! How about putting 2 fireplaces back-to-back in the center of the room? Perfect for the cottage or basement! Take advantage of the L-shaped configuration to soften the view of the end of a wall. While the Sedona Pro Multi isn’t a peninsula design, it can still act as a subtle divider between 2 spaces.


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