In our Toronto-area showroom, we have installed the Napoleon Alluravision series, both Slim (CHS) and Deep (CHD), directly across from the Napoleon Entice (CFH) series. This makes it easy for clients to compare and contrast the features of each, and decide which is best for them. But what if you can’t make it to our showroom? We’ve compiled a comparison, with answers to all of the most frequently asked questions that we receive on these products.

Flame Quality

One of the first things you will notice between Entice and Alluravision is the difference in the flames. Flame shape and style is very similar across all 3 models. The Entice flame colours are orange or blue, or a combination. On Alluravision models, both Slim and Deep, the flame colours are orange, yellow and blue. The combination of orange and yellow on the Alluravision units creates a more nuanced, fuller flame effect that ultimately looks a little more natural than the Entice flame set to orange. If your preference is to combine flame colours to achieve purples and pinks, then you won’t notice the differences as much.

Napoleon NEFL50CHS
Napoleon Alluravision Slim comes in widths from 42 inches to 74 inches.


Accent Lighting

Clients who like to play with the accent lighting on their fireplaces are looking for flames that change colour as well as lighting below and above the flames. As noted above, the flames on the Alluravision Slim and Deep are composed of 3 colours; flames on the Entice are just 2 colours. All 3 units offer accent lighting under the ember bed, with 6 different colours to choose from. Only Alluravision Deep offers accent lighting from above the flames, with 8 different settings. They refer to this as the Night Light feature, as it can be left on without the flames.

Napoleon NEFL42CHD
Napoleon Alluravision Deep comes in widths of 42 inches to 100 inches


Decorative Media Options

Napoleon’s Alluravision Slim and Entice both come with clear crystal media. In the case of the Alluravision Slim, there is no space inside for any other media, as the media tray is very narrow. For the Entice, you have the option to purchase a Birch log or Driftwood log kit. Alluravision Deep comes standard with clear crystals and a log set at no extra charge.

Heat Output

All 3 of the Napoleon units may be connected to 120 volt lines, either by plug-in or direct-wire. On 120 volts, they will produce up to 5000 BTUs of heat output, or enough to warm up 400 square feet. The Alluravision Deep units may also be connected to 240 volts, which raises the heat output to up to 9000 BTUs, enough for up to 800 to 1000 square feet.  Both Alluravision units, and the Entice, offer Low Heat, High Heat, and temperature settings. Alluravision Slim and Deep also have a heat Boost function to increase heat and fan output temporarily.

Fan Noise

As with all electric fireplaces, the heaters on Alluravision and Entice have integrated blowers; when the heater is on, the blower is on. Alluravision Slim and Deep both have Whisper Quiet blowers; Entice blowers are noticeably louder. This is an important consideration for installations where you plan to have a TV directly above the fireplace. A loud blower can be distracting when watching the TV with the fireplace on.

Other Features

Napoleon tends to offer lots of features at all price points, and these fireplaces are no exception. Entice and Alluravision models all have timers, to shut off the unit after a pre-set time has elapsed. They also have a heat lockout feature, to allow parents to disable the heater functions temporarily. Entice and Alluravision units also have controls for flame speed, and ember bed brightness.

Napoleon NEFL50CFH
Napoleon Entice comes in widths from 36 inches to 72 inches.


Installation Options

Napoleon has made the Alluravision more versatile than some other linear fireplaces. Both Alluravision Deep and Alluravision Slim may be fully flush in the wall, or surface-mounted. Brackets are provided for surface-mounting, as are metal end caps to cover the sides of the firebox, for a clean finish without visible screws or vents. Alluravision units may not be semi-flush, or partially in the wall. Napoleon designed a Slim and Deep model to avoid the need for semi-flush installations.

On the other hand, Entice can be installed fully flush, by removing the included trim; semi-flush, by keeping the included trim in place; or surface-mounted. It is the most versatile linear electric fireplace on the market, from an installation perspective. There are no optional trim kits required!


As with many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to the Napoleon Alluravision Deep, Alluravision Slim, and Entice. Entice is value-priced and is a nice entry-level fireplace. The Alluravision Slim is slightly more, and has a few more features, like three flame colours and Whisper Quiet blower. The Alluravision Deep has the highest price of the 3, but also has features that neither of the other models has – dual voltage wiring; Night Light accents; included log kit.


Napoleon offers a 2 year parts warranty on Alluravision Deep, Alluravision Slim, and Entice models. Labour is also covered for the first year on all Alluravision Deep and Alluravision Slim models, and Entice models larger than 42-inches.

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