Multi-sided fireplaces have become very popular with homeowners in the past few years. This means that there are more options than ever before, and more choices to consider. For that reason, we are providing a comparison between two of our most popular brands for multi-sided electric fireplaces: Napoleon Trivista and Amantii Tru-View.

Available Sizes

Amantii has been making 3-sided electric fireplaces for more years than other electric fireplace manufacturers. This has given them a head start on filling in their product assortment. Their original Tru-View-XL model, with a window height of 15.625 inches, comes in widths of 40, 50,60, and 72 inches. They have also added an extra tall series, with a window height of 22 inches, in widths of 40, 50, 60, 72, and 88 inches. Yes, an 88-inch 3-sided fireplace with 22-inch high window!! Their most recent addition to the 3-sided Tru-View family is the Slim, with a window height of 15.625 inches and a slimmer depth, in widths of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 72 inches.




In addition to all of these linear models in the Amantii Tru-View series, there are also 2 vertical models: 2939-Tru-View-XL and WM-2025 Cube. These both offer 3-sided glass in a more compact footprint. They are the same depth as the regular Tru-View-XL series. They have the added advantage of being able to be surface-mounted, for situations where you aren’t able to build them in to your wall.

Amantii 2939-Tru-View-XL
Amantii’s 2939-Tru-View-XL is a vertical 3-sided fireplace.

Napoleon is the ‘new kid’ when it comes to electric 3-sided fireplaces. Their Trivista line currently includes widths of 50 and 60 inches, with a window height of 15 inches. (Napoleon also makes a vertical series with glass on 3 sides, although it’s not part of the Trivista series.)

Available Depths

As noted above, there are many different product sizes available in 3-sided electric fireplaces. Amantii’s original Tru-View-XL series has a depth of 14.25 inches, as does their TRV-XT-XL extra tall series. However, many homeowners wish to have a 3-sided fireplace without taking up so much space in their home. Enter the TRV-SLIM models, at a depth of just 10.625 inches.

Napoleon wisely developed their Trivista 3-sided models with a depth of just 9.5 inches, hitting the sweet spot for space-challenged homeowners.

Installation options

Both Amantii and Napoleon 3-sided electric fireplaces may be installed with glass showing on all 3 sides, just 2 sides (front and one side), or just the front showing. They provide metal end panels to cover the end glass, should you choose to do an L-shaped installation rather than 3-sided. Few people would choose a 3-sided fireplace to do a one-sided installation, but if you do, there are end panels to cover the glass.

All of the linear three-sided fireplaces are made to be fully recessed. As noted above, the Amantii Cube and 2939 models may also be surface-mounted.

Media options

With different brands and different depths come different media options for styling the interior of your three-sided fireplace.

Amantii has always offered a wide range of media kits in their fireplaces. For the Tru-View-XL and TRV-XT-XL extra tall models, they currently offer a choice of 4 media packages; Rustic log kit, Driftwood kit, Birch log kit, and an ice crystal package. The slimmer TRV-SLIM fireplaces come standard with a birch log kit, with smaller pieces than the log kits that are offered with the larger Tru-View models.

With a 14.25 inch depth, we can install life-size logs inside, and have occasionally swapped out the standard log kits with our own real logs.

Napoleon offers a combination of clear crystals and Northern Woods log set, to be used individually or together.

Flame Colours

Both Amantii and Napoleon offer flames that include yellow, orange and blue, or a combination of these.

Accent lighting

Amantii Tru-View 3-sided fireplaces include a set of canopy lights that shine down onto the ember bed, with 13 different LED colour settings.

Napoleon Trivista 3-sided fireplaces include a set of canopy lights, as well, with 13 colour options plus a cycle mode that rotates through all the colours. Trivista also has an additional set of 13 coloured lights under the ember bed, for even more customization to suit your space.

Electrical power – 120 vs 240

Amantii 3-sided electric fireplaces are designed for 120 volt connections only.

Napoleon has designed their Trivista 3-sided fireplaces to be connected to either 120 volts or 240 volts. This is built-in to all of the Trivista units, so you don’t need to decide which to use until you are ready to do the electrical work.

Please note that all 3-sided fireplaces must be direct-wired at final installation. They are sold with a plug for testing and display purposes, but this cord must be removed prior to closing the wall. This is a building code requirement. Use a licensed electrician to run any new wiring, and consult with them on the importance of the direct-wiring your built-in fireplace.

Heat Output

On a regular 120-volt connection, electric fireplaces like the Amantii Tru-View series can produce up to 5000 BTUs of heat, enough to warm up a 400 – 500 square foot area. Because the Napoleon Trivista may also be connected to 240 volts, it can product more heat, up to 10,000 BTUs.

Napoleon Trivista NEFB60H-3SV
Napoleon Trivista comes in 50 and 60 inch widths.



Other features

Amantii has tested and rated all of its Tru-View 3-sided series for indoor and outdoor use. That means that you can enjoy an electric fireplace, with or without heat, in just about any space around your home. This makes them unique in the industry.

Napoleon offers a lot of nice features as standard options on most of their electric models. On the Trivista, this includes:

  • Timer to automatically turn off the fireplace after a set amount of time.
  • Heat lock-out child safety feature.
  • Fade out lighting when shutting down.
  • Motion sensor touch-screen controls.

If there’s a 3-sided electric fireplace in your future plans, both the Amantii Tru-View and Napoleon Trivista series offer great options.

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