In spite of the rise in popularity of linear fireplaces, there is always a demand for traditional fireplace inserts. The trouble is, it’s not always easy to come up with exciting new features in this tried and true category. That’s why we are interested to see new products when they come along. Modern Flames has incorporated several smart ideas into their new Redstone built-in electric fireplaces, which was designed for new construction or for retrofitting into an existing zero-clearance wood-burning opening. All in all, the Modern Flames Redstone is an excellent alternative to a gas fireplace for both new-builds and retrofits.


Two popular sizes

There will be other sizes to come in future, but for now, the Redstone comes in 36-inch and 42-inch nominal widths. In fact, the actual inserts are slightly smaller than their model numbers would imply, but the addition of one of the included trim kits boosts their overall faceplate size. Modern Flames has also kept the overall profile a bit lower than traditional ‘square’ fireboxes, for a nice update on this style.

Two included trim options

One of our favourite features of the Modern Flames Redmond is the inclusion of 2 different trim sizes with each insert. A sleek, minimal 5/8-inch trim comes already installed on the firebox when it arrives in the box. What’s genius is the inclusion of an additional 1.625-inch trim kit that may be switched for the 5/8-inch trim. This allows the overall size of the faceplate to grow 2 inches in width and 1 to 2 inches in height with a simple switch of the trim on 3 or 4 sides. This is especially helpful if you are installing the Redstone built-in electric fireplace into an existing fireplace opening. It can be challenging to find an insert that perfectly fits an existing opening, and the inclusion of two different trim sizes makes it easier to bridge any gaps around the faceplate of the fireplace.

Slim depth

When installing an electric insert into an existing fireplace opening, depth matters. Not everyone wants to tear out the zero-clearance metal box in order to install an insert; Modern Flames designed the Redstone so you don’t have to. You may also want to install the Redstone into a masonry fireplace opening. While traditional wood-burning masonry fireplaces are usually deeper than an electric insert, they are also angled toward the back of the opening. This means that the width at the front of the insert may not fit at the back of the insert. The shallower the insert, the more likely it will fit into the masonry opening as it gets narrower. The Modern Flames Redstone built-in electric fireplace is just 9.25 inches in depth.

Modern Flames RS-3626 RS-4229
Modern Flames Redstone features Hybrid-FX flame technology, with taller flames and more colours

Taller flames

The Redstone built-in electric fireplace features Modern Flames’ Hybrid-FX flame technology, which maximizes flame height so that flames cover more of the interior space of the insert. This is especially welcome on larger sizes of inserts, where wimpy flames can get lost behind the logs.

Three flame colours + RGB accent lighting = Lots of colour options

The Hybrid-FX flame has three colour settings: orange, red and blue. This allows you to have a natural look, with orange flames, or a more intense look with red flames, or a cool summer look with blue flames. In addition to the flame colours, there are high-intensity RGB colours in the up-lighting under the flames, as well as the down-lighting above the flames. In all, there are 10 different colour combinations. The colours in the flames, the down-lighting and the up-lighting are all independently controlled. Imagine setting the colour combination to match your favourite team’s colours!

Two media options

While the Modern Flames Redstone has a traditional profile, the interior media options are less traditional and more on-trend. The Redstone includes both clear acrylic crystals and a lighted driftwood kit that glows orange. They are designed to be used in tandem, but we suggest you could use either without the other, or in combination with pebbles, to create your own unique fireplace. Whichever  media you choose, it will be set off by a crisp, clean black interior, without any ‘fake’ brick panels.

Thermostatically controlled heat

Of course, the Redstone built-in electric fireplace comes with a heater. As with all electric fireplaces, the Redstone can be operated with flames only, or with flames and heat. The heater has a maximum output of 5000 BTU’s, and is connected to 120 volts; it may be plugged in or hard-wired. The built-in thermostatic controls allow you to keep the room exactly as you like it, using the included remote or buttons on the insert itself. You can expect the Modern Flames Redstone to take the chill off an area up to 400 square feet.


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