There’s no question that linear fireplaces are the dominant style in electric fires. This trend didn’t start with Dimplex, but their Ignite series set the new standard when it was introduced about 7 years ago. It featured a new, more intense flame style than previous Dimplex models, with realism that appealed to discerning homeowners. It very quickly became one of our best-selling units. Since then, most major manufacturers have come out with their own linear electric fireplaces with similar features and profile. The Amantii Symmetry series is one such brand, and the Bespoke is the latest in this group. The Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces take on the Dimplex Ignite with new and improved features that build on the success of the other Symmetry models. Below, we compare and contrast the two models, so you can decide for yourself which is the best for you.



Available Sizes

Dimplex Ignite comes in four widths: 50, 60, 74, and 100 inches. All are 16.5 inches tall, and all fit into a 2×6 wall cavity. Amantii has always offered a full breadth of sizes in all of its product lines, and they are slowly growing the Symmetry Bespoke family, as well. It is currently offered in 50, 60, and 74-inch widths, with other sizes coming soon.

Semi-flush Installation

Both Dimplex Ignite and Amantii Symmetry offer semi-flush trim kits that allow their fireplaces to be installed in 2×4 framing, when 2×6 framing is not an option.


One of the most popular features of the Dimplex Ignite series is its minimal ¾ inch flange around the glass. It’s as close as you can get to frameless and still have a front-loading installation. This is ideal for installations where you want the flames and the wall materials to stand out.

For those who prefer a more finished approach around the fire, Amantii Symmetry offers a full 2-inch picture frame around the glass. This is a great alternative for designs that call for a minimal wall treatment, like paint or tile, but you still want a finished look around the fire. By tilting the front glass slightly back, Amantii is also able to use the inside edge of the upper frame to hide the heat vent, so the glass face is perfectly clear of grilles.

Flame Style

In true Dimplex fashion, the flame on the Ignite looks incredibly realistic. With their reflective interior glass backdrop, the flames actually appear to be coming out of a central burner, much like a gas fireplace. These flames do not change colour; they always look natural, regardless of whether you choose to use the included accent lighting. This is a flame for purists, who might rather have a gas fireplace, and who want the most realistic flame possible.

Amantii Symmetry flames have been offered in yellow/orange/blue on past models. With the Symmetry Bespoke, Amantii returned to an earlier generation of fires where they used to offer vibrant red in the flame options. The Symmetry Bespoke flames may be set to any single colour or combination of yellow/orange/red – no more blue. Amantii’s intense red flames were quite popular in the past, and many customers like the option to have ‘natural’ looking flames that are more red and orange than yellow. The flame style on the Bespoke is a new profile that was first introduced on the regular Symmetry, and is a very natural and random look. Both the flame speed and brightness are adjustable on the Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces.

In wall mounted electric fireplaces
Dimplex XLF100 Ignite

Accent Lighting

Both Dimplex Ignite and Amantii Symmetry Bespoke offer accent lighting around their flames. With the Ignite, there are 8 pre-set lighting configurations, ranging from a single colour to colour pairs that cycle through endless combinations. The nifty ‘pause’ button allows you to hold the rotating colours at your favourite combination indefinitely. You can change with the seasons, or cue up your favourite team’s colours for the big game.

The Symmetry Bespoke offers 11 downlight colours, as well as adjustable ember bed colours that allow for thousands of combinations. They can be operated independent of the flames.




Dimplex Ignite fireplaces are dual-voltage; they can be connected to either 120 or 240 volts. This means that the maximum heat output ranges from 5100 to 8500 BTUs, which is enough to warm up 400 to 800 square feet in a reasonable amount of time. There is a built-in thermostat, allowing you to set the ideal temperature for any room; just like your furnace, the fireplace will keep your room at your preferred temperature, turning on and off as required. Additional heating features like the Eco setting, which restricts the fan speed to save energy, and Heat Boost, which maximizes heat and fan output for a preset time, make the Dimplex Ignite heater best-in-class. If you need an electric fireplace for heat, the Dimplex Ignite is a great option.

Amantii Symmetry Bespoke also offers built-in thermostat control. It connects to 120 volts, so heat output maxes out at 5100 BTUs, enough to warm up 400 square feet.

Of course, all electric fireplaces may be operated with or without heat, for year-round comfort.

Sound Effects

Amantii has added a nick crackling sound feature to the Symmetry Bespoke models. You can control the volume, or you can turn it off completely.

Several Dimplex fireplaces offer an optional crackling sound, but the Ignite series is not one of these.

Wi-Fi App

Electric fireplace manufacturers have been surprisingly slow to adapt their products for a Wi-Fi enabled world. However, with the Symmetry Bespoke, Amantii is offering control of the fireplace with your phone, with the download of their TuyaSmart app.

Indoor-Outdoor Use

One of the things we love about all new Amantii electric fireplaces is their indoor-outdoor rating. The Symmetry Bespoke is no exception. All Symmetry and Symmetry Bespoke models are tested and rated for indoor or outdoor use. This means that you have the option for a beautiful fire feature in any weather. Want a fire on a hot summer night, but don’t want to be heated off the patio? The Amantii Symmetry Bespoke may be operated with flames only, and no heater at all. In cooler weather, set the heater to keep you comfy, and enjoy. In outdoor settings, there are specific overhang requirements; see the manual for complete details.


When Dimplex introduced the Ignite series, it came with a standard 2-year warranty, covering parts and labour for 1 year, and parts-only for 2 years. After 5 years on the market, they were confident enough in their product’s reliability to offer a 5-year, bumper to bumper warranty on parts and labour. That’s an industry-leading warranty that is unmatched. Dimplex warranty claims are handled directly by Dimplex.

With the Symmetry Bespoke, Amantii has bumped their standard 2-year parts warranty to 5 years, to better reflect the higher quality of the Bespoke components. Amantii warranty claims are handled by the dealer.

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