One of the things we love about Amantii is the depth and breadth of their electric fireplace selection. They offer a lot of different lines with a full range of sizes in each. However, one of the unintended consequences of all this selection is confusion for homeowners. Just looking at online photos, it’s hard to tell the difference between some of the Amantii products. Often, the differences are in the installation, and can’t be spotted without diving into the owners’ manual for the specifications. Here, we attempt to clarify the differences between their two most popular linear fireplace collections: Symmetry and Panorama.


Amantii Symmetry series fireplaces currently come in five collections:

Symmetry – SYM-34, SYM-42, SYM-50, SYM-60, SYM-74, SYM-88, SYM-100


Symmetry Extra-Tall – SYM-34-XT, SYM-42-XT, SYM-50-XT, SYM-60-XT, SYM-74-XT, SYM-88-XT, SYM-100-XT


Symmetry Extra-Slim – SYM-SLIM-42, SYM-SLIM-50, SYM-SLIM-60

Symmetry Bespoke – SYM-50-BESPOKE, SYM-60-BESPOKE, SYM-74-BESPOKE (with more sizes to come)


Symmetry Extra Tall Bespoke – SYM-50-XT-BESPOKE, SYM-60-XT-BESPOKE, SYM-74-XT-BESPOKE

Amantii Panorama series fireplaces come in four collections:

Slim – BI-40-SLIM, BI-50-SLIM, BI-60-SLIM, BI-72-SLIM, BI-88-SLIM


Deep – BI-40-DEEP, BI-50-DEEP, BI-60-DEEP, BI-72-DEEP, BI-88-DEEP




Extra Tall – BI-40-DEEP-XT, BI-50-DEEP-XT, BI-60-DEEP-XT, BI-72-DEEP-XT, BI-88-DEEP-XT


Sizes & Shapes

Symmetry series fireplaces range in width from 34 inches to 100 inches long. Panorama series fireplaces range in width from 40 to 88 inches long. Both Symmetry and Panorama fireplaces have extra-tall options, with a viewing window of 22 inches tall instead of the usual 12 to 15 inches on the regular units. Note that if a unit is Extra Tall, it is also deeper than the standard slim units.


Symmetry and Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces are designed to fit into 2×6 framing, with an optional semi-flush trim kit to allow them to be installed into 2×4 framing. Symmetry Extra Tall units are also extra deep, at 12 inches. Symmetry Extra Slim fit into 2×4 framing.

Panorama Slim fireplaces have a framing depth of 7.25 inches; Panorama Deep and Deep XT fireplaces have a framing depth of 12 inches. Panorama Extra-Slim fireplaces need just 4 inches of depth.


In a finished installation, it’s very hard to tell the Symmetry and Panorama fireplaces apart, as both have a 2-inch black trim around the glass face. However, the framing and finishing requirements are completely different.

On Amantii Symmetry fireplaces, framing and finishing of the wall are done prior to installing the fireplace. The fireplace slides into the framed opening at the end, for an easy installation. In fact, Amantii has cleverly used the inside top edge of this frame to hide the heat grille, for a very clean front appearance. Symmetry fireplaces may be plugged in or hard-wired.

For the Panorama series, the fireplace will be partially covered by the finishing materials; it is truly built-in and cannot be removed from the wall after finishing. There are no concerns about servicing the unit, as it is designed to be serviced while installed, by removing the front glass to access the interior of the fireplace.  Because it will be locked in when the wall is finished, it is imperative to connect and test the electrical connection on any Panorama series fireplace, as these issues will be difficult, if not impossible, to remedy after the wall is closed. On a related note, the Panorama electric fireplaces must be hard-wired because the electrical connection will not be accessible after installation; they come with a cord and plug for testing and display purposes, but this cord must be removed before the unit is permanently installed.  If you are unsure about this, please consult with a licensed electrician.

Frame vs. frameless

A popular feature of the Amantii Panorama series fireplaces is the ability to remove the trim surrounding the glass, for a frameless installation. This allows you to bring your finishing materials right up to the glass. The trim on Symmetry series fireplaces is not removable.

Flame styles

Panorama series fireplaces comes with Amantii’s ‘Fire & Ice’ flame pattern. We equate this to the Northern Lights; the flame colours play over the entire backdrop of the fireplace, but not in a traditional flame pattern.

On the Symmetry series fireplaces, Amantii has included the ‘Fire & Ice’ flame, as well as a stencil to create a more traditional flames pattern. This allows you to choose which flame appearance you prefer.

Flame Colours

Amantii Panorama fireplaces all come with the option to change flame colours from yellow to orange to blue, or any combination of these to create magentas and multi-coloured flames. Most Symmetry units also have yellow/orange/blue flame options. However, on Bespoke models, Amantii reintroduced red as a flame option, and eliminated the blue. So, Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces have a choice of yellow/orange/red flames, so you can choose the intensity of the flame colour.

Accent lighting

Amantii electric fireplaces have always offered accent lighting from above the flames, in 13 colours. With the Symmetry Bespoke series, they have also introduced accent colours under the ember bed.

Media options

With Amantii electric fireplaces, the deeper the unit, the more media options are offered. Here’s an overview of the included media kits:

Panorama Extra Slim – clear crystals included

Panorama Slim – Ice crystal package included

Panorama Deep – 11-piece log set and Ice crystal package included

Panorama Extra Tall – choose 1 of 4 media packages

Symmetry Bespoke – choose from 10-piece Birch log kit, Ice media kit, Ember crystal kit

Symmetry – 10-piece Birch log kit included

Symmetry Extra Tall Bespoke – choose 1 of 4 media packages

Symmetry Extra Tall – choose 1 of 4 media packages

Symmetry Extra Slim – clear glass diamonds included

Heaters & Thermostats

Amantii Symmetry electric fireplaces come with High/Low heat settings as well as thermostat control. Amantii Panorama fireplaces have High/Low heat settings plus a single pre-set temperature setting.

Electrical Wiring

All Amantii electric fireplaces connect to a standard 120 volt line, and should have a dedicated line in order to support the heating functions. Some of the larger Symmetry & Bespoke Extra Tall fireplaces have 2 heaters and may be connected to 240 volts to increase the heat output: SYM-74-XT, SYM-74-XT-BESPOKE,SYM-88-XT, SYM-100-XT. As previously noted above, Panorama fireplaces must be hard-wired at final installation; Symmetry fireplaces may be plug-in or hard-wired.

Other Cool Features

Amantii has added crackling sound effects to the Symmetry Bespoke units. These fireplaces are also WiFi capable.


All Amantii Panorama and Symmetry electric fireplaces are designed and tested for both indoor and outdoor installations. There are some overhang requirements for outdoor installation, to keep water from directly entering the units; please refer to the installation manuals for specific instructions.


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