Whenever we attempt to quantify the ‘best’ of something, there’s automatically a subjective element to the list. When we consider the ‘best budget-friendly electric fireplaces’, we know that ‘budget-friendly’ means different things to different people. For the purposes of this article, we will consider an electric fireplace to be budget-friendly based on the purchase price, and the ability to install without construction.  We definitely do not consider a fireplace to be budget-friendly if it has to be replaced in a few years, no matter what the purchase price.  Here is our list of the best budget-friendly electric fireplaces that are built to last.

The Best Budget-friendly electric fireplaces for Small Spaces

When you have a small space, you likely want a smaller electric fireplace. There are several options that fit the bill. If you prefer to mount on the wall, then our pick is Napoleon’s NEFVC32H vertical Allure wall-mount. The back end fits between standard wall studs spaced 16-inches apart, or you can mount on the surface of the wall – no construction required. It has tons of popular features: three flame colours, LED side lights, LED media lights, and a heater with hidden vents.

Napoleon Allure NEFCV32H
Napoleon NEFCV32H Allure vertical electric fireplace  $499 CAD

If you can’t mount on the wall, or prefer not to, a stove is a great budget-friendly electric fireplace.  Both Dimplex and Amantii make several models, but the most budget-friendly that looks like a traditional wood stove is the Dimplex Celeste. It’s a little pricier than their cheapest model, but it has way more style and comes in black and cream finishes. Electric stoves are a true DIY option – just plug-in and enjoy.

Dimplex Celeste TDS8515TC electric stove
DImplex Celeste electric stove $525 CAD

The Best Budget-friendly electric fireplaces that have mantel packages

When you want an all-in-one solution that looks like a real fireplace, you can’t beat a mantel package. This is a piece of furniture that looks like a fireplace mantel, with an integrated electric firebox. One model that has stood the test of time is the Dimplex Essex. It’s a full-sized mantel with traditional details and an impressive 30-inch firebox. One of the best things about a mantel package is that you can move it around as your décor changes, and you can take it with you when you move. What could be more budget-friendly than that!?

Dimplex Essex mantel package $1349

The Best Budget-friendly electric fireplaces for large walls

Basements generally have at least one very long wall, but with today’s open-concept homes, there may be other spots with a lot of wall space. For those situations, we recommend that you ‘go big or go home’. While a 100-inch fireplace sounds huge, you have to put it in context. If you have a wall that’s 10-feet wide or wider, it can handle a 100-inch (that’s a little over 8-feet) fireplace. And if you’ve invested in a 70-inch or 80-inch TV, you need a big fireplace to balance that.  For purchase price and DIY installation, the best budget-friendly electric fireplace for large walls is Napoleon’s NEFL100FH Allure wall-mounted electric fireplace. It offers 2 flame colours, plus heater with thermostat, and a timer.

Napoleon Allure 100 inch electric fireplace
Napoleon Allure NEFL100FH electric fireplace $2199 CAD

If you want one of the newer, slimmer profiles, both Napoleon and Amantii have budget-friendly electric fireplaces for large walls. Napoleon’s line is called Alluravision, and Amantii’s is called Symmetry-B. Napoleon has a slight edge for budget-friendliness, because it can be installed on the wall surface, with no construction required. However, the new Amantii Sym-100-B has most of the same features, with the added advantage of being flexible enough to install into a 2×4 or 2×6 wall without changing models.

Amantii Sym-100-B
Amantii Sym-100-B Symmetry 100-inch electric fireplace $2349

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