Is there anything better than being outside, after months of cold, dark days? Here in Canada, where winters are long and cold, we want to make the most of our good-weather days – and nights. One way that we can extend the days into evenings, and the weeks into months, is to have heat in our favourite outdoor spaces. And even when the weather is perfect, and no heat is required, isn’t it nice to have a gathering spot where everyone wants to spend time? Fire features naturally attract us, with their unspoken promise of relaxation and enjoyment.

For many of us, it’s not practical to have a real firepit in our backyards. In urban areas, and many fire-sensitive rural areas, it’s not even legal to have a live fire. Gas and propane heaters and outdoor fireplaces have been a popular option, but with worldwide focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to slow climate change, we need a cleaner, zero-emissions option. That option is electric! Aside from being eco-friendly, electric fireplaces offer the option to have flames with or without heat. This is as important outdoors as it is inside; you can use your outdoor electric fireplace year-round. Even on the hottest nights, you can enjoy your focal point without overheating yourself and your guests. When the weather turns cooler, turn on the heater to take the chill off.

Here, we’re sharing our top picks for outdoor electric fireplaces and heaters for 2022. Note that all of the outdoor electric fireplaces that are currently available are made by Amantii, the only manufacturer building and testing their electrics for indoor and outdoor use.

The best outdoor electric fireplace for maximum features — Symmetry Bespoke

Amantii’s Symmetry series is a range of linear electric fireplaces with an integrated picture frame and choice of flame styles. In true Amantii form, the Symmetry series comes in many variations, including extra-slim, extra-tall, and the upgraded Bespoke. Classic Symmetry linear fireplace models have 3 flame colours, overhead accent lighting, and thermostat heat controls. Symmetry Bespoke models add WiFi connectivity, additional accent lighting under the ember bed, and crackling sound effects. Bespoke models also offer a choice of media kits, including a 10-piece birch log set and an Ice crystal package. Amantii Symmetry Bespoke comes in 50, 60, and 74-inch widths at this time. If you need other sizes, look to the classic Symmetry series, where sizes range from 34-inches to 100-inches, all of which are also outdoor-rated. Symmetry and Symmetry Bespoke are made to be installed into 2×6 framing, for use in even the tightest spaces.


The best outdoor electric fireplace for traditionalists — TRD Bespoke

If your dream outdoor space is more traditional in style, the Amantii traditional TRD Bespoke series has you covered. TRD Bespoke has the same upgraded features as the Symmetry Bespoke, and comes in sizes 33-inch, 38-inch and 44-inch. If you need more choice of size, the classic TRD series comes in sizes ranging from 26-inch to 48-inch. TRD Bespoke inserts include one of 7 different media packages; classic TRD inserts come with a 10-piece birch log kit. Keep in mind that traditional TRD and TRD Bespoke fireplaces are deeper than linear Symmetry and Symmetry Bespoke fireplaces. The traditional inserts range from 12 to 14.5 inches in depth, depending on the size of the insert.


The best outdoor electric fireplace for maximum viewing — Tru-View-XT-XL

If you like the concept of ‘Go Big or Go Home’, you’ll love the extra-tall Amantii Tru-View-XT group of 3-sided electric fireplaces. Not only is there glass on 3 sides, but you also have a taller viewing window, at 22-inches compared to the usual 15-inches. This is the perfect fireplace for larger, more open outdoor spaces, where a petite fireplace could be overshadowed by other features. Best of all, it comes in sizes ranging from 40-inches to 88-inches. Imagine a fireplace that’s 88-inches wide by 22-inches high! With its extra size, the Tru-View-XT series comes with larger log sets, to really fill out the interior of the fireplace. There are currently 3 log options, as well as an Ice crystal package.


The best outdoor electric fireplace for small spaces – Cube 2025WM

If you have big backyard dreams, but a compact space, the Amantii Cube 2025WM is the perfect outdoor fireplace for you. It’s technically part of the Tru-View series, so it has glass on 3 sides. It may be built in, or it can be hung on the wall, as-is. It could even be set up on a table-top. Although it’s compact in size, it has all the features of a full-size Tru-View fireplace, with 3-colour flames, overhead accent lighting, and an included 10-piece birch log package. Note: the 4-leg stand and the speaker base are not rated for outdoor use!


The best outdoor electric heater for ease of installation — DIRP15A10GR

If you’re looking for outdoor heating, without building a fireplace feature, the Dimplex ceramic glass infrared plug-in heater is an excellent choice. It’s the latest addition to the gorgeous heater series that features Schott Nextrema ceramic glass and stainless steel components, for a sleek design. This heater has 3 settings, and reaches full power in 6 seconds. It also has a 13-hour timer with auto shut-off.

All other heaters in this series are hard-wired, so the plug-in option on this 1500-watt heater is a bonus for DIY installers. Simply mount to the wall or ceiling with included brackets, plug-in, and enjoy. Note: You will still need a licensed electrician to run a dedicated 120-volt line with receptacle. If you plug into an existing outlet that is on a shared circuit breaker, you will not have enough power and the breaker will turn off every time you use the heater.


You can read more about Dimplex outdoor heaters in our blog post, Outdoor Heaters that won’t Heat Up the Planet

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