Who doesn’t love a visit to a cottage getaway?! Part of the appeal is gathering around the fire with friends and family, especially in the evenings. What do you picture when you think of a cottage-style fireplace? In our previous blog post, we gave an overview of 5 different cottage-style electric fireplace designs. Our focus was on the materials that make the look, regardless of the fireplace. This time, we’ve gathered 5 of our favourite cottage-style electric fireplaces. These are the models that lend themselves to cottage design by virtue of their features.

Best Cottage-style Electric Fireplace: Amantii Lynwood stove

Nothing says casual comfort like a woodstove. The Lynwood series from Amantii has real cast iron sides and top, for authentic woodstove style. It comes in 2 sizes, the E50 and the E70, and both arrive with a 10-piece birch log kit. Flame colours range from yellow to orange to red, or any combination of these, so you can set flame intensity to your personal liking. The front glass features a bevelled detail. As with all electric fireplaces, you may operate the flames with or without heat. The heat may be set to low, high or auto. On the auto setting, the stove will run on high heat when the room temperature drops below 22 degrees Celsius; it will run at low heat when the temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius; when the room temperature rises above 25 degrees, the heater will turn off. Our favourite part of the Lynwood stove is that there is very little assembly required, and no construction is needed. Just unpack, set up the logs, plug in, and enjoy.

Best Cottage-style Electric Fireplace: Napoleon Element insert

If your ideal cottage-style fireplace is a traditional log fire, and you need a robust heater, then the Napoleon Element series is for you. The Element is a value-priced workhorse that is dual-voltage. It may be connected to either 120 or 240 volts. On 120 volts, the heat output is up to 5000 BTUs, enough to warm up a 400 square foot space. On 240 volts, there is more power for the heater, and it can generate up to 10000 BTUs. It comes in 2 sizes: 36-inch and 42-inch wide. It features a clean-face design with no brick or grilles, so you can make it look as casual or contemporary as you like. Traditional logs in a grate make up the interior, and flames are adjustable in height and intensity. There’s also a nifty downlight that can be adjusted to make the logs look like they’re glowing. This is an impressive insert at a great price point.

Best Cottage-style Electric Fireplace: Faber e-Matrix built-in insert

For those who love the look of a real wood-burning fireplace, but don’t want the inefficiency or mess, the Faber e-Matrix mist insert is your best cottage-style electric fireplace. There is simply no comparison between the flame effect created with mist plus lights, vs. lights alone. The e-Matrix comes in one size – 35 inches wide –with 3 different configurations. You can choose to have 3-sided glass, or an L-shaped configuration with either the left or right side blocked. Hand-crafted realistic logs come standard. This insert requires a plumbing line, for a constant supply of water to create the mist flames. This is the ideal fireplace for newer construction, as there is no heat to overwhelm an already energy-efficient new structure.

Best Cottage-style Electric Fireplace: Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi-sided

If you love the idea of a 3-sided electric fireplace, but prefer to have the option for heat, then the Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi is worth a look. It comes in width of 30-, 36-, and 42-inches. What we love about Modern Flames multi-sided fireplaces is that they can be installed semi-flush or built-in, or they can be surface-mounted. This gives you maximum design flexibility when you are planning your feature wall. The Sedona Pro Multi has a heater, so you can have heat for up to 400 square feet when you need it, or you can run the flames without heat when all you want is ambiance. We also love that Modern Flames has full-spectrum colour in the flames and ember bed. You can rotate through a dozen different colours using the colour wheel on the remote. Logs are a bit traditional, but without a grate, so the fireplace lends itself to different styles with ease. (See photo at top of this article.)

Amantii SYM-74-XT
Amantii SYM-74-XT extra-tall linear electric fireplace is indoor-outdoor rated

Best Cottage-style Electric Fireplace: Amantii Symmetry-XT extra tall linear

All of our other cottage-style electric fireplaces lean toward traditional shapes and styles. If your preference is linear, then we suggest the Symmetry extra-tall series from Amantii. Not only is the viewing window taller than a regular linear fireplace, at 22-inches, but the unit is also deeper. With an overall depth of 12-inches, there is space inside the unit for full-size logs. These make a huge impact in terms of adding cottage style. There are multiple log sets to choose from, including birch, driftwood, and rustic. If you really want to go contemporary, then choose the ice crystal package instead of logs. Widths range from 34-inches to 88-inches, so there are lots of options for any size space. The heater can take the chill off an area up to 400 square feet, and of course you don’t have to have the heater on to enjoy the flames. Flames range in colour from yellow to orange to red, or any combination, and you can also add a downlight to hit the logs with one of 13 colours.

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