For many Canadians, Napoleon is a brand that’s synonymous with grills and gas fireplaces. Here at Stylish Fireplaces, we also know them as a leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces. Their strength is in offering a lot of value-add features at very economical price points. However, they also go above and beyond basic electric fireplaces to create one-of-a-kind products that no other manufacturer has. And, they have invested in unique fireplace research, with leading universities, to better understand the importance and value of fireplaces in our homes.

Below is a summary of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces, and the properties that make each one popular with our clients. It should be noted that all Napoleon electric fireplaces have features like thermostatically-controlled heaters with blowers, and sleep timers.

Linear Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Entice

Napoleon Entice was originally introduced as an entry-level alternative to the Napoleon Alluravision line. Entice offers flexible installation options for both 2×4 and 2×6 walls, thanks to an included trim piece that allows installation of a single model into either wall depth. Entice may also be installed on the wall surface. The newest version of Entice creates the illusion of greater depth by replacing a plastic back panel with a glass panel. They’ve also changed from 2 flame colours to 10 flame colours, in addition to 10 ember colours. Clear crystals are the standard media package, with birch and driftwood packages available as options. All for an incredibly low price point.

Linear Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Alluravision

Napoleon Alluravision comes in 2 depths – Slim at 4.25 inches deep, and Deep at 5.75 inches deep, to suit different wall depths. Both models may also be hung on the wall, and included end caps hide unsightly screws and labels. The flames are complex, with yellow, orange and blue layers that may be used separately or together. Alluravision Deep units come with a clear crystal package, as well as a log package with crushed glass embers. Alluravision Slim units come with clear crystals only. Alluravision Deep may be connected to either 120 or 240 volts, making it more suited to larger, cooler spaces where additional heating power may be desired. Because of its many features and options, Napoleon Alluravision has been a best-selling electric fireplace since its introduction.

Traditional Electric Fireplace Inserts – Napoleon Element

Napoleon Element was intended for the builder market, with a good-looking fire at a price geared to volume purchase. However, builders aren’t the only clients who love its clean face design, and big, bold flames. Logs do not glow from within, so downlighting gives them a glow from above. Element comes in 2 sizes to replicate popular gas fireplace sizes, and both sizes have trim options, which is unusual in electric fires of this size. Also somewhat unusual is the dual-voltage design, which allows the Element to be connected to either 120 or 240 volts. Heat output is higher on 240 volts, so these are popular for basements or any space that requires more than 5000 BTUs of heat.

Traditional Electric Fireplace Inserts – Napoleon Ascent

When the Napoleon Ascent was introduced, it was their premium insert, and came in 2 sizes – 33 and 40 inches wide. With inner-glow logs and shallow depths of 9.5 and 13 inches, they have offered an upscale look without taking up too much space. Ascent series inserts were used in Napoleon mantel packages for many years. Currently, only the 33-inch Ascent is available and it is also part of the Taylor mantel package. Like the Element, Ascent is dual-voltage, and can heat up to 800 square feet of space on 240 volts.

See-through Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Clearion Elite

Our well-travelled clients love the idea of a see-through fireplace as room divider. The options for see-through electric fireplaces were extremely limited prior to the introduction of Napoleon Clearion. Clearion Elite is the second generation, and includes a privacy feature that allows full view-through, partially-obscured view-through, or an opaque centre screen, all at the click of a button. Clearion comes in 2 sizes – 50 and 60 inches wide – and fits into a 2×8 framed opening, for the slimmest 2-sided option on the market. Like other Napoleon linear electric fireplaces, Clearion Elite has multiple flame and ember colour settings. Clearion Elite also comes with clear crystals or a log package, with enough media for both sides to be the same or different.

Multi-sided Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Trivista Primis

Multi-sided fireplaces have never been more popular, as they are a great fit for open-plan spaces. Napoleon introduced Trivista Primis to capitalize on this market. Their shallow depth, relative to some other 3-sided electric fireplaces, has made them popular, as well as their availability in 2 in-demand sizes – 50 and 60 inches wide. Like other Napoleon linear fireplaces, they have 3 flame colours, as well as ember-bed and overhead accent lighting. Dual-voltage capabilities add even more value, as they can provide heat up to 800 square feet on 240 volts.  

Multi-sided Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Trivista Pictura

Here is yet another one-of-a-kind electric fireplace option – a wall-mounted 3-sided fireplace. Pictura was added to the Trivista family as a lower-priced, easier-to-install option. It’s only 6.5 inches deep, and because it was created with wall-hanging in mind, it’s very sleek and minimalist. There are 3 flame colours, plus ember colours, and 2 sizes of clear crystals are included.

Wall-hanging Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Stylus Cara and Steinfeld

The Stylus family of wall-mounted fireplace cabinets offers stylish options for complete electric fireplaces that do not require construction. Cara is an asymmetrical design in black and white; Steinfeld is slightly smaller and finished in walnut. Both offer multi-functionality, with a display shelf and charging station. The media tray is open, with no glass, which adds to the impression of depth. There are 3 flame colours, plus ember lighting, and a full-functioning heater in all Stylus models. Cara Elite includes WiFi connectivity, with a weather display on the fireplace back panel, and a wireless charging station.

Vertical Electric Fireplaces – Napoleon Allure Vertical

Vertical fireplaces are not in high demand, but they are ideal for squeezing into tight spaces. What makes the Napoleon Allure vertical models unique is that their backend will fit within the 16-inch space between the 2×4 studs in many homes. If such a space isn’t available, they can also be hung on the wall surface. There are 2 heights available – 32 and 38 inches tall – both with 3-colour flames and ember lights, as well as side lighting. In spite of their compact size, they have fully-functioning heaters.

Stylish Fireplaces knows that adding a fireplace to your home can be challenging. With an electric fireplace and their NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists, it’s easy to create a space you’ll love to share with family and friends. Check out all the options and connect with their experts for help to find the perfect electric fireplace for you. You’ll live stylishly ever after. 

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